Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Youtube Channel

So I have not blogged in Months. However I have migrated to Youtube to show off my decks. 

With Duel Masters videos up so far mainly, I have 5 Yugi videos and 1 Pokemon TCG video to upload during the week.

Check it out and comment here or there.

I'll try and start using this more in Future. I got an update of the Evil Hero article in the works.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Report: Galway Local 3rd of October 2009


Deck [41]

Monsters [18]
The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion [3]
Elemental Hero Sparkman [3]
Elemental Hero Clayman [3]
Elemental Hero Prisma [2]
Elemental Hero Stratos [1]
Evil Hero Malcious Edge [1]
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness [1]
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole [1]
Morphing Jar [1]
Card Trooper [1]
Cyber Dragon [1]

Spells [15]
Dark Fusion [3]
Dark Calling [3]
Miracle Fusion [2]
E-Emergency Call [2]
Reinforcements of the Army [1]
Future Fusion [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Giant Trunade [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]

Traps [8]
Reckless Greed [3]
Bottomless Trap Hole [2]
Torrential Tribute [1]
Mirror Force [1]
Call of the Haunted [1]

Extra Deck [15]
Evil Hero Malcious Fiend [2]
Evil Hero Dark Gaia [2]
Evil Hero Lightning Golem [2]
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant [2]
Elemental Hero Shinning Flare Wingman [2]
Elemental Hero Plasma Vice [1]
Elemental Hero Darkbright [1]
Elemental Hero Magma Neos [1]
Evil Hero Infernal Sniper [1]
Cyber Twin Dragon [1]

Side Deck [15]
Winged Kuriboh [1]
Evil Hero Malicious Edge [1]
Caius the Shadow Monarch [1]
Breaker the Magical Warrior [2]
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalos [1]

Brain Control [1]
Lightning Vortex [2]
Foolish Burial [1]
Miracle Fusion [1]
Burial from a Different Dimension [1]

Fiend Comedian [3]

Report: Manage to make it to the airport just in time to catch the bus after somehow waking up.... get to Galway about 10.40.
Takes us ages to find the place but we get there adventually.
Im feeling really sick though....

Round 1 Versus Paddy(Exodia/Yubel)
2-0 very fast.

Round 2 Versus PJ(Lightsworn)
1-2. I'm not sure but I think I misplayed as some point to lose
either game 1 or 2 but PJ made a mess of game 3.

Round 3 Versus Martain(Twilight)(Trad-Gadgets)
2-1 Trad/Gorz on every attack is VERY annoying.

Round 4 Versus James(Ares)(Glad Beasts)

won game 1 very fast.
was in control of game 2 early on but I ran out of steam and adventually lost to Herk.
Game 3 has me locking us both down with Fossil Dyna for most of the game till adventually he removed Dyna and then I proceeded to fusion summon something like 5 times in one turn to win with a field of Card Trooper, Dark Gaia(3800 atk), Shinning Flare Wingman(3100 atk).

Semi-Finals Versus Darren Kiff(Blackwings)
Game 1: He gets out Armour Master and Armed Wing and I got nothing.

Game 2: I get out Lightning Golem fast and win.

Game 3: He bring me down to 1000 and then I draw Dark Fusion and get out a Lightning Golem to kill his Armour Master and bring him down to 1600. He has nothing so I win.

Finals Versus PJ.

Game 1:
I get him down to 200 and 2 cards in deck and for some stupide reason summoned Prisma in attack mode when I had Gorz in hand and 4200 left >_<. He manages to kill me with JD and Magical Android(+Honest)....

Game 2:

I remember him getting bad mills and showing 2 Celestia in hand before scooping.

Game 3:
Don't remember much about this game really.

Videos of the final:

[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 1[/URL]
[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 2[/URL]
[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 3[/URL]

Get my 4 packs and pull the only non Secrets I wanted from the set Ancient Fairy Dragon and Ministal(the common blackwing guy.)
I also get some jank super and 4 jank rares.

Good day(other than me being sick....).

Keep dueling,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deck List: Chaos Monarchs

Deck: 41

Monsters: 21
[3] Zarborg the Thunderstorm Monarch***
[3] Caius the Shadow Monarch**
[2] Chaos Sorcerer*
[1] Cyber Dragon

[3] Gravekeeper's Spy***
[2] Rose, Warrior of Revenge*/Hyper Synchron**
[1] Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
[1] Plaguespreader Zombie*
[1] Gravekeeper's Gaurd *
[1] Summon Priest*
[1] Sangan
[1] Marshmallon
[1] Treeborn Frog

Magics: 13
[3] Book of Moon
[2] Allure of Darkness** 
[2] Lightning Vortex 
[1] Smashing Ground
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Brain Control
[1] Pot of Avarice 

Traps: 7
[2] Threatning Roar
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole
[1] Mirror Force 
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Solemn Judgment*

Extra: 15
Mist Wurm [1]*
Red Dragon Archfiend [1]
Collosal Fighter [1]
Thought Ruler Archfiend [1]
Dark End Dragon [1]*
Light End Dragon [1]*(Maybe - this + Armed Wing?)
Stardust Dragon [1]
Blackwing - Armour Master [1]*
Blackrose Dragon [1]
X-Sarber Urbellum [1]*
Goyo Gaurdian [1]
Chain Dragon [1]
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier [1]*
Magical Android [1]
A.O.J. Catastor [1]*
* = I don't have rofl. If somebody lends me everything but the Synchro's I'll play this.
If not.... See you in.... maybe March?

Was working on something similar to this with PEPs prior to Nationals and this is what I came up with today.
Hyper Versus Rose is the main thing I need to figure out lol


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Duelmasters Deck Article: Red-Green Bitch(NO GONTA.dek)

(Also known as 'Red-Green Bitch!')
Format: WoTC Sets 1-12, Bombazar Banned.

In real life deck.

The list I am about to show you is one I use offline and have done so at various times
over the years. Focusing on late game creatures rather than early game ones, prefearing
to use mana acceleration during the early game therefore allowing me to play the late game
creatures earlier in the game therefore putting pressure on my openent. An old tactic but
a good one. Unlike Fire-Nature Aggro lists I use predominatly online this deck has no
serious form of aggression during the early game, no Gonta, no Swine Snout.

The deck uses no Multi-Civ creatures but to be honest, Gonta is the only such card that
could work in here. Gonta is left out mainly due to me not having it offline but there is
still reasons for it not being included, during testing etc. multi-civ cards always seem
to annoy me when I am trying to keep up a constant flow of creatures or trying to get
my mana but to a certain number. They also conflict with both Faerie Life and Bronze Arm Tribe.
Beatsticks such as Gonta that are just that 'beatstick' really would not do much for this deck.

The cards generally have to have two-fold uses. Bolly as a shield killer/beatstick, Twin-Cannon 
as a speed attacking beatstick(that based on the general idea of the deck is perfect),
Bolzard beatstick/man burner, Bolshack beatstick/theme/token card. 

Kooc Pollon is almost as difficult as Gonta to kill but is not a multi-civ card and that 
is why Pollon is better than Gonta in here. Sniper tactics are a secondary form of attacking 
with this deck but they can still win games.

This was the 'other' deck I was considering to run in 'The Pr0 Tournament 4' but after testing
I chose my other deck as it easily could beat this and the other decks that are played
at my locals in real life, I then did some online testing and it seemed to fair well
in the control match up so it was the obvious choose in the end. This is fun and all but
it ain't all that amazing versus good control decks and high level players such as I 
would be faceing in Pr0 Tournament 4.

Deck Total:40
Creature Total: 25(62.5%)
Spell Total: 15(37.5%)
Shield Triggers: 13(32.5%)
Average(Mana Curve): 4.225
Key Cost: 3 mana = 12 Cards(30%)

Speed Attacks: 7(17.5%)
Double Breakers: 6(15%)
Mana Acceleration: 13(32.5%)
Card Serach: 4(10%)
Creature Destruction: 8(20%)
Mana Destuction: 3(7.5%)
Shield Gain: 2(5%)
Shield Burn: 2(5%)
(Kooc Pollon)'can't be attacked': 2(5%)

Kooc Pollon [2]
Pyrofighter Magnus [4]
Bolzard Dragon [3]
Bolshack Dragon [1]
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon [2]
Twin-Cannon Skyterror [3]

Volcano Charger [2]
Tornado Flame [2]
Burst Shot [3]

Poisonous Mushroom [2]
Bronze-Arm Tribe [4]
Mighty Shouter [2]
Rumbling Terahorn [2]

Faerie Life [3]
Dimension Gate [2]
Mana Nexus [2]
Natural Snare [1]

As you can see from the decklist 9 of your creatures are 6 or 7 mana, those are your key
creatures the deck is built around. The idea is to use mana-acceleration to play those
creatures as soon as possible.

BUT this does not mean you can't try and take control of the game by using Bolzard Dragon
to constantly be ahead of them on mana or by using Burst Shot, Volcano Charger, Tornado Flame
and the single Natural Snare to take out there creatures to stop them counter attacking.

Also as is my style this deck can also be very effective at 'swift attacks', using your
mana to summon 2-3 creatures out of nowhere, summoning Rumbling Terahorn and 
seraching(and then playing) Pyrofighter Magnus, dropping one Twin-Cannon Skyterror on one
turn and dropping a second on the next, dropping a Bolly and following it up on the
next move with a speed attacker(or 2). Moves like this if played correctly can really
change the tide of a duel into your favour.
with a speed attacker,

Two Mana Nexus can allow you to regain shields when you need to without clogging the deck
with dead draws like you would be if you were running 4(a mistake players commonly make,
it is good at 4 in some deck but not in most, especially if your only running 40 cards).

Of course the deck suffers from the normal flaw such decks suffer from, running on empthy
very quickly. Cards like Corile can really wreck such a deck(unless of course you have 
Twin-Cannon or Rumbling Terahorn out), so you have to be careful what you play versus
anything with Water/Corile in it as cards like Bolzard or Bolmeteus become just big targets
in most situations. 

Another flaw is the problem with drawing the early game cards late game when you really
don't want to draw them, Faerie Life, Mushroom, Bronze Arm Tribe, Mighty Shouter etc.

Burst Shot is your main defense versus swarms so you got to be careful with how you play
it. It is the main target for Nexus in most situations also. It is the main reason I
run so few creatures with 2000 or 1000 power. However you can use it to turn a Mighty 
Shouter that is doing nothing into extra mana. If it is triggered early game this can be
very handy as it'll help set up your big guns.

I don't think there is anything left to addresse without going into every single card in
detail which I think nobody needs me to do. Post questions in the comments or pm me them
on Gates Of Fates.

Keep dueling,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random(Yugioh):Honest in No City

If you can afford 2-3 Honest, you run it in your No City deck.

It is soooo good this format. How best to counter Honest with Elemental Heroes? Honest! Kalut? HONEST!

Honest is also fun with Shinning Flare Wingman. It is also the only reason to ever run 3 Prisma. Another reason for why 3 Sparkman is a must in the decktype. 

Great versus Glads too, they attack with (insert G.beast with more attack than Sparkman/Prisma here), you can counter with Honest. They totally dont expect it.

You could even start tecing Elemental Hero Neos/and maybe Rainbow (Dark) Dragon for Rainbow Neos, another powerful Light monster.

I wish I could afford 2 or 3..... even just 1 would be nice.

Keep dueling,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chaotic TCG: Dm14's offline deck 3/4: Mipedian Strike Surprise!


1. Mizkio(E:45 C:45 S:45 W:45 S:70),Vlaric Shard
2. Rasbma Darini (E:60 C:40 S:55 W:45 S:80),Wind Whip
3. Sirrir(E:50 C:60 S:60 W:40 S:85),Vlaric Shard
4. Bivike(E:55 C:55 S:60 W:30 S:80),Aqua Shield
5. Owayki(E:65 C:35 S:50 W:55 S:90),Aerodrone
6. Owayki(E60 C:40 S:50 W:40 S:75),Elixir of Tenacity

Surprising Riffs [1]
Geo Flourish [2]
Vexing Waveform [1]
Aria of Enragement [1]
Tune of Xerium [1]

.....(Best I got for now...)

Gloom-mire Night [2]
Illusionary Lake [1]
Broken Edge [2]
Gloomuck Swamp [2]
Brawlers' Burrow [1]
Rao'Pa Sahkk, Ihun'Kalin's Foothold [1]
Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Arts [1]

Thinking - 1 Brawlers Burrow -1 Foothold + 2 Storm Tunnel

Locations:(20 points)
0 Cost:6
Velocitrap [2]
Shriek Shock [2]
Petrifying Power [2]
1 Cost:8
Poison Sphere [2]
Vine Snare [2]
Sandstrike [2] 
Raical Ice Balls [2]
2 Cose:6
Slowsand [2]
Freeze Flash [2]
Thunder Shout [2]

-1 Vine Snare + 1 Gear Grind? maybe - 2 Poison Sphere + 2 Inferno Gust?

My favourite deck but sadly the one I am missing the most things for.... Like I need the new earth 15 1 bp attack now aswell >_<. Mugic from most of the sets to playtest. A Mugic Caster, another Darini/Mizkio. Headmaster, Iflar, PM COTG.... Mipe Oasis.... etc. Too much lol.

Next up Overworld.

Keep Dueling,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chaotic TCG: Dm14's offline deck 2/4: M'arrillian Wisdomorpher


1. Irub'Ra, Magma Shard
2. Vitar'Zu, Chime Shard
3. Irub'Ra, Freshwater Shard
4. Erak'Tabb, Baton of Aa'Une
5. Mock'Adyn, Supercharged Alterant
6. Mock'Adyn, Mind Prism

Requiem of Lost Minds [1]
Denial Refrain of the Deep[2]
Melody of Mirrored Actions [1]
Casters' Warsong [2]

Mount Pillar Reservoir [2]
The Overworld Library [2]
Vidav's Refectorium [2]
Chamber of Waves [2]
Riverlands [2]

Attacks:(20 Point)
O Cost:6
Quick Exit [2]
Delerium [2]
Tidal Surge [2]
1 Cost:10
Kha'rall Crush [2]
Piercing Brilliance [1]
Rage of Aa'Une
Rip Tide [2]
Invader's Tactics [2]
Unsanity [2]
2 Cost:3
Caustic Cascade [2]
Mind Strike [1]
4 Cost:1
Tainted Thunderstorm [1]

More to work on in this build, the locations arnt great tbh.
I'd run a speed based version but my good locations for such a deck are in my Mipe deck 
which ill post before building the otther version of this.


P.S. too lazy to write stats this should be straightforward enough anyways.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chaotic TCG: Dm14's offline deck 1/4: Underworld

Sets 1-5
I dont have stuff from latter sets nor do I have the ability to get them fast or the 
need to do so when I am still missing key staples from earlier sets.



1.Brimflame (70,80,45,50,55),Viledriver (*Need 60/65 ERG)
2.Takinom, the Shadowknight (40,95,45,75,60),Skeletal Steed
3.Bladez (75,85,40,30,65),Aspect Amplifier: Might(Will replace with Husk Armour a.s.a.p.)
4.Ragetrod (55,70,40,60,60),Kha'rall Chime Shard/(Shard of Chance *Online only*)
5.Chaor (95,80,80,60,75),Elixir of Tenacity/(Kha'rall Shard of Chance/Evergreen Tunic *Online only*)
6.Xield (90,45,45,10,20), Elementalist Pauldrons

*Don't have Whepcrack, Husk Armour, D-Zooka yet.*
*Debating - Chaors gear + Mugicians Lyre or M.P/ Flute(when I get it)*
*Liking Xield in some matchups and as a distraction. 
Debating replacing with Oolo + Vilde Driver/Might*

Improvisational Melody [1]
Cannon of Casualty [1] (2nd Incoming)
Ember Flourish [1] (Replace with second Cannon)
Song of Asperity [2]
Disccord of Disarming [1] (2nd Incoming, possibly over IM)

Cordac Falls Plungepool [2]
The Pits [2]
Storm Tunnel [2]
Eye of the Maelstrom [2]
The Barracks [1]
Sands of the Unseen [1] (Need 2nd...)

*Dont have Magma Pond(Id debate running it anyways), UW Coll.(also debating unless I get
2 Brimflames with 50+ speed), Undworld City(Debating...)*

Attacks: (1x20=20points)
Mightswing [2]
Inferno Gust [2]
Confusion [2]
Ash Torrent [2]
Outwit [2]
Hammer Dash [2]
Lightning Burst [2]
Marksman's Preparation [2]
Dry Liquid [2]
Gear Grind [1]
Squeeze Play [1]

*Lets see.... I shouldnt even get started on this. - SP + Gear Grind obviously, 
- Jank attack x2(Confusion say?) + Blaze Barrage x2(If I could ever get them which I doubt I will lol... 
But I do need another excuse to buy Silent Sands packs...).
- Jank Attack x6(Lightning Burst, Hammer Dash, Out Wit) + 2 of the 3 build point 10,F10,W10
(the name escapes me currently), + 4 0BP standard Power attacks.*

Least I know what I need to change lol and atempt to get....

Well this appears to be my current deck anyways. I posted it here so the people that I want to see it see it and because I have not blogged much lately, due to school, exam results, Grad/Prom, being sick etc.

Keep Dueling,


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local Reports: August 22nd + August 25th

Local Report(s):
Friday 21st August:
So around 10 I figure out that I want to play locals the next day for once and after wanting to play something with Synchro's I start building a deck, next I see the Apprentice engine, spellcasters, Junk Synchron.... Then I want to play Junk and Debris, the local was going to be the new format so Debris is not really as good as it was. I make some phone calls asking for card, couldn't get Allures and Kieran Waters says he will lend me Debris Dragons. Around 1ish I finish the deck and build my two Duel Masters decks I planned to use for playing against Digpal the next day. I crash 3ish...

Saturday 22nd August:
I wake up at around 8.50 trow on my clothes, fix my hair, eat breakfast, serach for a few commons I needed for the deck and head to the bus stop. I get in around 10 past 10 and Niall almost faints when he sees how short my hair is now! He was litterally on the floor, so I did not notice him till he stood back up hahha. So Waters aint there yet so I am forced to play without the Dragons....

Check my Junk Casters blog for the decklist.

Round 1:
Versus Mark S.(Anti-Meta)
Oh great.... Opressions >_<.

Game 1:
He gives out to me for proxying Debris Dragons(which I did not draw and then just took them out...) and I randomally play Monster Reborn! Took me a few seconds to go 'oh shit....' I am so used to using it that I just put it in the deck.
I think I lost this game.

Game 2:
I summon stuff and win....

Game 3:
From turn-1 I got nothing. We are the last game still going and I stall for ages with recruiters....

1-2 Loss.


Round 2:
Versus ???(Equip Warriors?)

Game 1:
I god hand and have Stardust and Thought Ruler out on my second turn after clearing his back row with Heavy Storm.

Game 2:
Quick Stardusts again to win.

2-0 Win.

1-1 Record
3-2 in Games....

Round 3:
Versus ???(????)

I don't remember anything about this game really, I get big Synchro's out fast and see some random cards.... Raigeki Break allows me to stay in control for both games.

2-0 Win....

2-1 Record
5-2 in Games.

Round 4:
Versus Kieren Digpal(Blackwings).

Game 1:
He drops Gorz quickly and I can't kill it, drop my Gorz and he Goyo's it.

Game 2:
We get down to 1 card in hand/play + top decking. I summon a 3700 attack Junk Warrior and take the game with it over 2 turns.

Game 3:
More Gorz plays for my loss....

2-2 Record
6-4 in Games...

No idea were I came, like 16 players I think. Not too bad seeing as both games I lost were 2-1 and I didn't have Debris Dragon.

We head to 'O'Brians Underground' for the next two hours. I play Digpal in a two games of Duelmasters with both my decks and win both games 2-0 even easier than usual.
I then hand him his Birthday present which included 2 Coriles(which I told him I would never give him.) Hey I can be nice sometimes.... But I do have like 26 Coriles left(That is what 2 Boxs of Evo Crush. does.)

I update my 4 Chaotic decks with my new cards. Get my Purple deck box back off Digpal. We play some games of Pokemon TCG.

Me and Digpal have a really epic game and it comes down to us both on our last prize cards due to me forgetting to retreat Delcatty Ex(therefore allowing him to take two prize cards when he really should not have gotten them).

I then play against Mark, draw crap and lose to fightning Pokemon due to my x2 weakness and then he drops Tyraintar for game.

After this I leg it across town to catch my bus home.

Out of my 2 Chaotic ROTO packs I had gotten earlier in the day I had pulled a Takinom the Shadow Knight(with -10 +5+5+5 -5), the 60 Energy is really annoying to be honest.... I also got 3 Beyond the Doors packs, pulling a Bladez with decent states, a Danian Mugic rare and a jank Super I can't remember. Not too bad in my opinion.

Tuesday 25th August:
So I get up early and trow stuff into my bag. I had down to the School and to my horror it is closed yet again when I am ment to be picking up a form I left in to be signed last Thursday.....

So I wait around and about 2ish(like a half an hour after we were ment to leave) we head into Limerick. My Ma drops me off at the bloody otherside of town to The Gathering. So I get into O'Brians around 2.30 and hang out for a bit, I mainly help Mark S. with his deck for the Irish Open. We head back to The Gathering at 3.00 but it is closed so me and Mark head down town and run into Niall outside of HMV and then PJ turns up(again) and goes into Easons to read some magazines for free. We then go inside HMV and look around for a while. The usual laughs and all follow. Good thing I didn't mention who else was in the store..... Jokes at my exspense are allready way too common.

So Niall and Packie head off home and me and Mark head back to The Gathering.
I win the first game with Junk Casters and get a phone call during the second one telling me to be outside down the street in 5 minutes! I lost track of the life points I say Mark won, when actually...
1700 - 1300 = 400/2(Solemn Judgement) = 200 1900-1600 = 300 so I actually won the game 2-0 lol. I hand Gary(the Gatherings owner) 15 euro and grap a Underworld starter for Chaotic.

I leg it and wait for my Ma to pick me up. I get in the car and she hands me a bag with new jeans and a new shirt(hurray clothes!) Then she brings up my Grad/Debs/Prom the next week, going on about what I am wearing to it, we end up arguing for the next 10 minutes about that.

I get home and open the Starter deck, getting mostly jank rares and an Illusionary Lake. Not too bad I build my Underworld deck using it and the stuff I pulled on the weekend including my Takinom the Shadow Knight and Bladez.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pr0 Tournament 4 is about to Begin.

 'Duel Masters' Pr0 Tournamet 4 starts soon on Gates of Fates so if you want to take part register asap! With old players like Hassan(Black) and some old Veterans from the WoTC days things are seriously heating up for what is going to be the biggest Tournament on the Pr0 Curcuit to date.

Link to site:

PT4 Thread:

Current Player Roster:
1. Tom Rogers
2. Christopher Murray
3. Damian Symonette
4. Peter Alan Timbs
5. Christian Van Hoose
6. Justin Marsh
7. Gino Honkanen
8. Benjamin Rowe
9. Spencer Swan
10. Sam Rowe
11. Michael Swartz
12. Peter Alan Timbs
13. Andy Criss
14. Hassan ????(Black)

Swiss + Cut to the Top-8

Most players this time arround appear to be from the United States but we also have The Republic of Ireland, England and The Islamic Republic of Pakistan(was that right?) competing.

Good Luck to all other players competing and I hope to have some good games against you all soon.

Let the Games Begin!
'I have no enemies , my openent is my teacher.'
Christopher Murray.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deck Article: Junk Casters(A short article for once :P)

Junk Casters.
Deck [40]
Monsters [22]
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness [1]
Cyber Dragon [1]
The Tricky [2]

Breaker the Magical Warrior [2]
Apprentice Magician [3]
Old Vindictive Magician [2]
Night End Sorcerer [2]
Junk Sychron [3]
Mystic Tomato [2]
Quillbolt Hedgehog [3]
Treeborn Frog [1]

Spells [12]
Instant Fusion [2]
Pot of Avarice [2]
Reinforcement of the Army [1]
Scapegoat [1]
Brain Control [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]
Giant Trunade [1]
Lightning Vortex [1]
Foolish Burial [1]

Traps [6]
Raigeki Break [3]
Torrential Tribute [1]
Call of the Haunted [1]
Wicked Rebirth [1]

Extra Deck [15]
Red Dragon Archfiend [1]
Collosal Fighter [1]
Thought Ruler Archfiend [1]
Stardust Dragon [2]
Blackrose Dragon [1]
Arcanite Magician [1]
Goyo Gaudian [1]
Gaia Knight [1]
Chain Dragon [1] (- Gaia + Chain Dragon for Debris build)
Magical Android [1]
Junk Warrior [2]
Muscian King [2] 
^(Instant Fusion Target + Spellcaster for Arcanite + Unlike Ojama Knight can force Bottomless)

Side Deck [15]
Was nothing important just stuff I wanted to try out.

So I brought this deck to locals after making it at 12.00 the night before. It orginally was ment to be running 3 Debris Dragon over the two Mystic Tomato's and the Treborn Frog. The guy who was lending me the Debris Dragon's was late so I could not run them.
Even now I am still debating Debris(Yes this was ment to be Junk and Debris), however with Blackrose Dragon at 1 and no Brionic in the TCG it isn't as good as it is in the OCG.
But I orginally just but in the 3 Bolt Hedgehog to support Debris Dragon.
Debris could bring back Apprentice Magician, Old Vindictive Magician and Treeborn Frog.
That is 6 Targets but no 3 Star Monster(Peten the Dark Clown was the one I was debating running but with Blackrose at 1....).

 4(Debris)+1(Treeborn Frog) = 5 = No Synchro target, however 
with Bolt Hedgehog: 4+1+2=7= Blackrose Dragon
4 + 2(Apprentice/OVM) = 6 = Chain Dragon
Chain is not the best Target but it is a 1 for 1 2500 beatstick.
4 + 2 + 1(Treeborn Frog) = 7 = Blackrose.
Easy enough to do but the best one is:
4 + 2 + 2(Bolt Hedgehog) = 8 = Stardust Dragon/Red Daemons Dragon

So yes there is some use for Debris Dragon.

The deck is pretty much self explanatory really. Comment if you don't undertstand something and I'll explain it as best as I can.

Fixs: + Cold Wave(from sidedeck to main deck) 
-1 Lightning Vortex(I found all the discard costs to be a bit annoying tbh)
-1 Wicked Rebirth
+ 1 Pot of Avarice (It is simply amazing in here)
+ 1 Smashing Ground(to 41 cards).
Debris Build:
- 2 Mystic Tomato
+ 3 Debris Dragon
- 1 Break the Magical Warrior

I would have Allure of Darkness(least without it the deck stays true to it being a very cheap deck) in here but I don't have a pair and was unable to get a lend of them for the day. The same goes for Plaguespreader Zombie.

A fun deck in the TCG but for this version of the deck that is really it. I found it too be very enjoyable so yes I personally like it a lot.


Anti-Meta is a pain for the deck to deal with, even though it can keep up with it.

Blackwings outspeed this even with Gale at one. If you get high attack Junk Warriors out fast you might be able to win. The idea is to try and beat Blackwings as fast as possible because as the game goes on you will be in a worsing situation.

Monarch builds seem to be annoying too due to Raiza and Caius, however side decking 3 Pulling the Rug can help stop this.

Lightsworn seems to be a near auto loss.

Glad Beasts is something I am unsure of, I would need to test the matchup to be honest.

For More Information on Junk and Debris check out this blog:

Keep dueling.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rant: Yugioh: - Finaly boring me enough to not want to play at all.

Yugioh: - Finaly boring me enough to not want to play at all.

Honestly I have been playing in Tournaments for 3 and a half years now.
Been to 3 Nationals and done badly at them all simply because, I tried to play something rogue and different in an atempt to kill the forementioned boredom. 

Lightsworn has been around for more than a year now and it shows no sign of disapearing due to it becoming constantly better due to new cards and new formats. Konami seems very unlikely to ever hurt the decktype again. Why? Because they like 'themed' decks winning(yet they limited Gale to 1 in this list). Simply put other than Glads no other deck in Yugioh since I started playing seriously has lasted this long and Glads has somewhat constantly been changing and hit by the list, not simply gaining power with each list like Lightsworn has been.

Is this a Sour Grapes blog? No. Is it because I can't personally afford to play Lightsworn? No. Because I can't beat Lightsworn? No, I can have have throughout each of these last 3 formats, sure the deck might have cost me the top-8 at the 2008 Irish Nationals but I blame that more so on being unprepared for it than anything. At the 2009 Nationals, I beat one and then drew badly versus a more Twilight like build used by a more skilled player(Stephen Lynam who went on to top-8 with a 5-1 record). That game, did I lose to Lightsworn? No, I lost to a better player, drawing dead(therefore my own deck) and to Dark Armed Dragon(as usual)(DaD took out my Light Imprisoning Mirror both games). It is simply because the decktype is boring. It is boring to play against, to watch being played, to watch the same thing over and over again for more than 14 months.

My own decktype, Elemental Heroes hardly changes, it no longer gives me that great excitement it used to. The builds themselves are generally boring and I usually change to something else after 2 or 3 weeks. To win with the decktype you have to make it more like the other boring decks in the format or to run a more anti-meta build. I am growing bored of doing so. I built my Evil-Hero list orginally as a build to use when I was bored but it became too much of my main deck and now I am bored of it too.

Some may argue that Yugioh has become more skilled, it really hasn't, skill has become less important format after format. Luck and money win nowadays.

I don't really know, I supose the same old thing is boring me nowadays. 
I have stopped playing Duel Masters online even close to as much as I used to. I orginally thought this was due to it being so hard to get a good game versus a good player going. Nah, it is boredom. Dark-Water-Fire versus Dark-Water-Fire, a very boring matchup in my opinion or something Aggro Versus Dark-Water-Fire in which the DWF is horribly trashed and shows nothing about the players skill and does not give any excitement to me. Losing to luck also hurts me so much more in Duel Masters because I base so much of my play style on maths and numbers.

Chaotic is something new and exciting to me but I now start to wonder just how long will my interest last? I learned while over on 's forum that there is planning be done for 'Perim Tour' events in Europe before the end of 2009, this I find very exciting as it gives me a chance to travel and meet some players offline, it also offers the chance of further travel as such events allow players to qualify for the planned World Championship in 2010. In this regard taking a break from other card games helps me out. I need cash to get my Chaotic Collection up to a good standard and to travel to which ever Perim Tour event I end up planning to go to.

I also think the extra time and less distractions will help me improve my School work and as such my grades, my Leaving Cert results were no where near as good enough as I wanted them to be last week so I am now back repeating my final year of Secondary School so I plan to make some serious effort this year, as last year I made none at all.

I'll still probably blog on Yugioh I just wanted you all to know why I won't be doing so as much as I orginally planned to. The sames goes for Duel Masters, but unlike Yugioh I was not planning to do so much of that due to it being a more complicated game to write about.

Keep dueling.
Christopher Murray/darkmagick14.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reports: 14th + 15th August: Meet Up + Locals

Shannon/Clare: 14th August 2009

So I don't sleep Thursday night and head up to bed around 7.00 for a quick nap before I meet up with the lads, I jolt awake around 11.20(after my alarm) and quickly get dressed and try to do something with my hair(It was too late to shower now >_<).
I texted Wessel the night before so I text him to say I am heading to the shopping mall/center and after phoning the lads(who were still on there bus in) I find the usual bench I sit down on and collapse. Like 5 minutes latter Wessel walks in the enterance nearest to where I am and sits down next to me we start chatting and like 20 minutes latter Darren and Niall turn up(they got off at the wrong stop...).

So we head up stairs and get some food(Curry chips for me of course :P). After eating we pull out the cards eventhough the food court is pretty much packed at this point. I start playing versus Nialls Blackwings(with 3 Gale and Dark Strike Fighter still) with my Blackwings(1 Gale no Dark Strike Fighter, new list, some 'other' Dark stuff) after a few games I see just how much slower Blackwings play now.
After this I play against Wessel for a bit and I beat both his Crystal Beasts and Blue Eyes deck's.
Yet again I don't play Niall at all during the meet up.

After this we head to Dunnes Stores and check the drink prices there and then decide to check the off lisence aswell. With our haul we head back to my house and after a while Marco and Dempsey turn up. Marco had not played in like a year and looked through my tin and decided to use my Yugi deck(set to the Orichalcos saga theme to his dismay, it had Feral Imp and Curse of Dragon in it :P). I was playing against Wessel at Duel Masters my Mono Fire lost to his Nature-Light 2-1 and my Dark-Water-Fire Control beat it 2-1(so we tied for once).

After this I don't remember doing anything else other than changing the song playing on my computer lol.

Around 5.30ish we head to the bus stop and after 15 minutes figure out that Niall had read the time table wrong(I picked up timetables in the offlisence while we were there). So we end up legging it across town to make the bus on the other route! After some jokes at my exspence the lads get there bus into Limerick and I walk with Wessel to about halfway to his house then head home.

Limerick: 15th August 2009
So after staying up late talking to people on msn, watching old episodes of Bleach and cutting my hair even more(it is now a lot shorter than I am used to personally...) I wake up at 11.00.
I tell my parents Im going to Limerick and catch the bus in.

I talk to Gary the store owner about how I did in my Leaving Cert(Irelands pre-college exams, I got 340 out of 600 points and missed out on my courses by about 60 points in the end....)
PJ tells us that he was off by 70 points and got his in the end, so he told me not to worry(*fastforward to Monday, I got no offers, I then went to my old School and filled out the forms for repeating my final year.*)

I buy 5 Chaotic packs off Gary and proceed to open them, finaly getting a Rabsa(sp?) Darini but still not getting the Ultra Rare out of the box, I buy 2 more packs and get another Super Rare(I got like 9 now...). At this point there is 6 packs left in the box, 1 of which must have the Ultra as I am the only person to have bought packs from the box, I don't have a lot of cash so I pass buying more.

The tournament finishs up with 3 Lightsworn players having 3 wins and 1 losses. PJ is called out as second and Mark S. takes 1st and Cian is called out as 3rd place. After a bit more barter in the shop we head to subway and me and PJ due to not getting food, pull out decks and start playing.
I was using my Evil Hero deck(my main decks always what I use on the weekend, my fun decks are what I usually use during the week) and he was using new format 'Chaos Control' basically anti-meta with Doom Calibur Knights and Chaos Sorcerer, triple D.D. Warrior Lady etc.
I am not sure but I think I lost 3-1 or 3-2(maybe 4-1....). After this PJ heads off and I head back to The Gathering for some.... well Im not too sure what I did for the next while....

I play Mark S. in a game of Pokemon anyways and get revenge for the previous week winning the game in style with a Mightyena EX while setting up a Mightyena(Power Keepers).

Darren K. texts me saying that a toystore down the road near his work has 'Silent Sands' packs in for Chaotic('SS' being the 3rd set) so I tell Mark(who is the only one left other than me at this point) that I am heading down there. After telling him that they usually have in some decent Pokemon stuff we head down there. A funny trip to Pizza Hut(or was it KFC?) follows when we arrive in the retail park, we then head into Dunnes Stores so Mark can get money out of his bank account. I spot Darren K. while this is going on and as we are leaving the store we spot him after a quick chat me and Mark head to the toy store.

For Chaotic they had packs of 'Silent Sands' and 'Zenith of the Hive'(the second set), being happy with what I have for the 2nd set, I pick up 3 Silent Sands packs and to my dismay don't pull a super. Mark picks up a 'Plantium Pack' and after looking through his packs we head back into Town.
While on the way there we continue to discuss Pokemon due to Gary hinting at us getting a 'Big Tournament' earlier in the day which our reply was 'Does this mean we have to play limited(modified) and use legall cards?'

Mark mentions that he has a spare 'Arcanite Magician' and mentions that he still owes me for a Pokemon holo so we work out a deal for that and stop in The Gathering to conduct it. Mark leaves and I wait around a bit, then tell Gary I am heading off and leg it down town to catch my bus(litterally if it wasn't for the traffic lights stopping it I would have missed it.....)

Not very interesting I know but it is all I got for now.

Keep dueling.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Deck Article: Evil-Heroes.

Evil-Heroes and there Miracle.

Deck [41]
Monsters [18]
E-Hero Malcious Edge [1]
E.Hero Stratos [1]
E.Hero Prisma [2]
E.Hero Sparkman [3]
E.Hero Clayman [3]

The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion [3]
Neo Spacian Gran Mole [1]
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness [1]
Breaker the Magical Warrior [1]
Card Trooper [1]
Cyber Dragon [1]

Spells [17]
E-Emergency Call [2]
Reinforcements of the Army [1]
Monster Reborn [1]
Dark Calling [3]
Dark Fusion [3]
Miracle Fusion [2]
Future Fusion [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]
Giant Trunade [1]
Brain Control [1]

Traps [6]
Common Charity [2]
Torrential Tribute [1]
Threatening Roar [3]

Extra Deck [15]
E.Hero Magma Neos [1]
E.Hero Thunder Giant [2]
E.Hero Plasma Vice [2]
E.Hero Shinning Flare Wingman [2]
E.Hero Darkbright [1]
E-Hero Malcious Fiend [1]
E-Hero Dark Gaia [2]
E-Hero Lightning Golemn [3]
Cyber Twin Dragon [1]

(You might want to skip the first two sections but I would suggest reading them if you want to try out the deck.)

I ran Evil Heroes on and off since GLAS came out and have a lot of experience playing the decktype in various formats.

This deck orginated a week before a local I was attending in Dublin(Irelands Capital) in the Summer of 2008, which has Irelands best meta. I had never gone better than scrubbing in Dublin(I played 2 Nationals there and a Regional at this pointt)(3-4, 3-3, 3-3 records).
I turned up on the day and after chatting with some players and buying a Nationals Hoody(I only got 23rd at the 2008 Nationals), Round 1 went up. I was playing against PEPs a well known Irish anti-meta player and proceeded to beat him 2-1, Round 2 went up, I won again, Round 3 I won again..(Correct me if I am wrong on the amount of rounds.)
Round 4 I was paired against Stephen Lynam one of Dublins and Irelands best players he was running a Corn Monarch variant at the time. I managed to win yet again.
Then the curse >_<.
Got paired against Six-Samurai round 5 and got mauled. Thats what I got for not siding Lightning Vortex.
I was 1st going into the top-8, got paired against Mechy(Sean) another one of Irelands best players at the time and proceeded to lose 2-0 versus..... yes you guessed it Six-Samurai....

I was rather happy with the finish even then and hung around for a bit before catching the Luas to Heuston Station to get my train home. I arrived in Limerick just as my bus home turned up and PJ Tierney(PJ on various forums) turned up, who had just gotten back from a local in Cork(the other side of the Country from Dublin) informing me that he won that and asking for details of how the Dublin local went. He congratulated me on the finish and we both caught our buses home.

I next tried the deck at small meet up in Galway incorporating Jutte Fighter and the new Synchro cards after losing to Glads(THAT even had Rescue Cat in it at the time) I retired the deck.

4 Months Latter....
So The Irish Yugioh Open came and went, I scrubbed! With my version of the Gemini Plant otk that had won me a spot at the Irish Fortune Tour Final, I even lost to Niall O'Caroll from Limerick who was playing almost the exact same deck I was!(He Finished 4-3.)

Life wasn't so good at the time and I was unsure of what to run at the up coming Irish Fortune Tour Final in 14 days. I caught the Train home that day on my own again and started working on a new version of Evil-Hero deck.

I caught the Train on the 18th of January with Jeffery Tse after a few games versus his deck that he has used to come 2nd at the 2008 Irish Nationals, he told me to play a 'switchside'.
Which is when you use your side deck to change your deck a lot in to potentialy a different deck.
I ended up switching siding into a Dark Gaia Beatdown build for the Tele-DaD match up.
I went 3-3 on the day beating Zombie Synchro and 2 Lightsworn decks, losing to 2 Tele-DaD decks and 1 Dark Anti-Meta thing(lost to this due to bad top-decks....).

The next month passed without me playing in tournaments at all, as did the first 3 weeks of March. The last week of March I turned up for the only regional I would be attending this year.
I was running a new Evil-Hero list with 3 Common Charity, 1 Avian and 1 Burstinatrix and yes the extra deck limit of 15 is a right pain in the ass!
I top-8ed anyways and lost to some Monarch deck. I was slightly gutted, the format was strange but before Nationals it would somewhat staplise.

So after only playing one local the week before Nationals, I caught the train to Dublin on the 19th of April with Jeffery Tse, Niall O'Caroll and Paddy.
We play tested a bit on the train and I was rather happy with my list(Link Below).

1st Round
2-0 versus Lightsworn(x-2 drop)
2nd Round
2-1 Versus Hopeless Dragon(went 3-3)
3rd Round
2-0 versus Glad Beasts(went 4-2 top-16)
4th Round
0-2 versus Twilight/Lightsworn(Stephen Lynam 5-1, top-8)
5th Round
1-2 Versus Perfect Circle Monarchs
And this cost me top-8, I just needed to win this round or the previous one to top.
I lost games 2+3 purely to Dark Armed Dragon and how riddiculous the card is.
6th Round
0-2 Versus Blackwings(Pre-Raging Battle)
And this cost me top-16 and my European Invite, great....
I played this game like a moron.

AND yet again 23rd place at Nationals.(23rd at The Fortune Tour Final aswell I think lol.)
It was a pretty good day either way.
Played a few games versus Salvosworn and some other stuff over the next few weeks and retired the deck till now.

Deck Total and why?:
41. I would not recomend ever going over 41(42 in Lightsworn).
Common Charity adds a bit of draw power to the deck but to get it to work I had to remove a Miracle Fusion, logically this makes sence as I should now be drawing into stuff I need to win faster and Charity removes dead normal monsters in my hand, replacing them with better options usually.


1. Evil Hero Malicious Edge:
Some builds similar to this one like to run 2 of this card but personally I consider him too much of a dead draw to do so. You can easily get him into your hand with Statos(who you can serach in 4 different ways) or send him to the graveyard with one of the two Prisma's.
He however is nessary due to being a Fiend you can send to the graveyard with Prisma which allows easy excess to Evil Hero Dark Gaia and Evil Hero Malcious Fiend which can help set up otk's.
He also is a 2600 atk 1 tribute monster in most situations and he has Piercing(the ability to do damage while battling a defense position monster) which can come in handy sometimes and even win games.
Personally I am considering dropping him though as Dark Gaia and Malcious Fiend are not what the deck wants to fuse most of the time. The Evil-Hero Fusion monsters can be used as the Fiend, The Hex's can sub for Malcious Edge and Gorz is another high level fiend with a decent attack score for Dark Gaia.

1. Elemental Hero Startos:
Staple in any deck that runs Elemental Heroe, Evil Heroe or Destiny Hero monsters.
He is an 1800 gadgetesque creature with a secondary S/T(Spell/Trap) destruction effect.

2. Elemental Hero Prisma:
Prisma can send 8 different Monster cards to the graveyard with his effect which fills the graveyard up for 'Dark Calling' and 'Miracle Fusion' quite well. He is also semi beatstick with 1700 attack points and can force your openent to use there 'Bottomless Trap Hole' before you atempt to summon a Fusion Monster. Also his secondary effect to copy the monster who he just sent to the graveyards name can also come in handy for use with 'Dark Fusion'.

3. Elemental Hero Sparkman:
The best Elemental Hero for fusing with the best Fusions Monsters.
He can be used with a fusion sub(The 4 'Hex Sealed Fusion' Monsters) to summon 'Elemental Hero Shinning Flare Wingman' with 'Miracle Fusion'. 'E.Hero Shinning Flare Wingman' is the decks main finisher card, caple of dealing upwards of 2500 damage in one attack. Due to the speed in which the deck sends 'Elemental Hero' Monsters to the graveyard he can deal about 4000 damage easily late game.
Sparkman + 'Fusion Sub' can also summon 'Elemental Hero Plasma Vice' or 'Elemental Hero Darkbright' with Miracle Fusion, both monsters have 'Piercing' and a destruction effect.
With 'Elemental Hero Clayman' using 'Dark Calling' or 'Dark Fusion' you can summon 'Evil Hero Lightning Golem' the best Evil-Hero Fusion monster, automatically you can call priority and destroy 1 monster your openent controls, this when summoned with 'Dark Calling' can lead to potential +1's or +2's and when summoned with 'Dark Fusion' can gain back some of the cards lost in summoning the Fusion Monster.
'Sparkman' and 'Clayman' can be sent to the graveyard with 'Future Fusion' which sets up 'Dark Calling' and 'Miracle Fusion' aswell as forcing your openent to use a M/T destruction card to destroy 'Future Fusion' or let you summon 'Elemental Hero Thunder Giant' in two turns.
'Miracle Fusion' can also be used to Fuse 'Sparkman' and 'Clayman' into 'Thunder Giant' if needed, although you'd rather wait till you got a 'Hex Sealed Fusion' in the graveyard to summon your 'superior' Elemental Hero Fusion Monsters.
Sparkman also had 1600 Atk which isn't too bad. You can serach him in 5 different ways, send him from your deck to the graveyard with 'E.Hero Prisma' or use him as the cost for 'Common Charity',

3. Elemental Hero Clayman:
Most of his uses were mentioned in the above paragraph's but there are a few other things.
He is needed for 'Evil Hero Lightning Golem' and 'Future Fusion', works well as a 'E.Hero Prisma' target and is serachable, can be used with 'Common Charity'.
He also has 2000 defense points, which is more than most commonly played LV4 or lower monsters in this format have attack points.

1.Cyber Dragon:
Free Beatstick, instant tribute bait for 'E-Hero Malcious Edge', can force out 'Bottomless Trap Hole' before you even use your normal summon.
Also adds to the potential OTK's or 2TK's the deck can make.
With 'The Light Hex Sealed Fusion' it can be used to summon 'Cyber Twin Dragon' the decks secondary Finisher monster/Win Conditon after 'Shinning Flare Wingman'.

3. The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion:
Fusion Sub for use with 'Sparkman' and 'Clayman' and the Fusion Monster summoning cards.
Can also work with 'Cyber Dragon' as stated above. 1600 is also a somewhat decent defense stat. Also is a Rock Monster which can be used to summon 'Evil Hero Dark Gaia'.

1. Neo Spacian Gran Mole:
Can be sent to the graveyard with Prisma and used as a 'Rock Monster' to summon 'Evil Hero Dark Gaia'. His effect can be very useful aswell, removing Synchro monsters from the field sets your openent back quite a bit and can remove face down defense monsters before they get a chance to use there effects. A very annoying card for your openent to deal with.

1. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness:
In the current format Gorz is a near staple that can help prevent otk's. IN HERE he is a staple.
He can be used as the Fiend for 'Evil Hero Dark Gaia' or the LV6 or higher fiend for 'Evil-Hero Malcious Fiend'. A lot of the time with this deck you are ending without playing anything in an atempt to set-up an OTK, Gorz can provide defense in these situations or a needed monster(or 2) for your OTK. Just running Gorz is a mind game for your oppenent to deal with. When Gorz does hit the graveyard you can use him with Dark Calling to summon a fusion monster.

1. Breaker the Magical Warrior:
Spell/Trap Removal, forces your openent to use 'Bottomless Trap Hole' and 'Solemn Judgement' when they don't want to, therefore clearing the way for your Fusion Monster summons to go uninterupted. He can also be used as a beatstick.

1. Card Trooper:
Semi-Beatstick, Draw, Dump. Not much to say about this card, you can even set him.... He is just a 'good' card to run in here.


2. E - Emergency Call:
Staple in anything that runs Elemental Heroes, it seraches 9 monster's in the deck. I'd like a 3rd in here but due to space I'm not running a 3rd. Simple, well designed, theme support.

1. Reinforcements of the Army:
Same as E-Call but it can get any LV4 or lower Warrior you might be side decking for games 2+3, e.g. Exiled Force, also just incase of Spell Sealing/Prohibation etc.

3. Dark Calling:
The decks key card, a Miracle Fusion for Evil-Hero Monsters. For 1-3 cards you can get a a Chaos like Monster, potential beatstick(Dark Gaia), Defender(Malcious Fiend) or a monster that can get an instant +1 off(Lightning Golem). Usually you'll use your monsters in the graveyard to play it BUT the ability to remove monsters in your hand comes in handy a lot and is an advantage it has over Miracle Fusion.
Not being able to use Monsters you have on the field can be at times annoying.

3. Dark Fusion:
In the current format this card isn't too bad. The Fusion Monster you summon with it can't be targeted by your oppenents cards. Book of Moon, Enemy Controller, Dimension Prison are used a lot this format. If your openent chosses to use Solemn Judgement on Dark Fusion, you both lose one card but he loses half his life points. Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute are the main counters to this card but some decks do still main deck Mirror Force. If they activate Bottomless you can still use 'Evil Hero Lightning Golem''s effect to take out 1 of there monsters.
The -2 for playing this is easily payed for. It also dumps monsters into your graveyard for Miracle Fusion or Dark Calling, which can make great follow up plays after your oppenent has used his trap to remove your first Fusion Monster. A greatly overlooked card.

2. Miracle Fusion:
I was drawing the 3rd one dead and one does not seem to be enough. Thunder Giant is a weaker version of Evil-Hero Lightning Golem so you generally don't want to summon him unless you have to. The main idea is to use 'The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion' with 'Elemental Hero Sparkman' to summon one of his powerful Fusion Monsters; E.Hero Shining Flare Wingman(Your main finisher monster who can deal huge amounts of damage); E.Hero Plasma Vise(Who can take out multiple opposing monsters and has Piercing aswell so even defending monsters arn't safe against him, also fills the graveyard for another Dark Calling/Miracle Fusion play); E.Hero Dark Bright(who has Piercing and can kill a monster when he is destroyed(even by Bottomless Trap Hole)).

1. Future Fusion:
Dumps Sparkman and Clayman into the graveyard instantly, forces your oppenent to use S/T removal on it or can summon 'Elemental Hero Thunder Giant' for 1 card without set-up(other than a 2 turn wait).

1. Heavy Storm:

1. Mystical Space Tyhoon:
Near staple. As a quick play can be used as a bluff or to take out Threatening Roars in your oppenents turn.

1. Giant Trunade:
Can force chainable cards/Solemn Judgement plays. Clears your oppenents back row.

1. Monster Reborn:

1. Brain Control:
Staple - it wins games and has various other uses, e.g. tribute bait, stealing a Cyber Dragon to use with 'The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion', or a Fiend/Rock Monster for 'Dark Fusion'.

2. Common Charity:
Draw power, very useful.

1. Torrential Tribute:
Staple, chainable to summons, etc.

3. Threatening Roar:
Format staple, stops OTK's, stalls till you can OTK, chainable defense.

1. E.Hero Magma Neos:
Prisma target to send 'Neo Spacian Gran Mole' to the graveyard, can be replaced with 'E.Hero Gran Neos'.

2. E.Hero Thunder Giant:
Future Fusion target. 2 used for potential Miracle Fusion summon.

2. E.Hero Shining Flare Wingman:
Best Miracle Fusion target 2 used as such. Burner, finisher, beatstick.

2. E.Hero Plasma Vise:
1 for 1 removal. Piercing, decent attack points(can kill Stardust Dragon in battle etc.)

1. E.Hero Darkbright:
Miracle Fusion target, potential + 1, piercing. Only 1 used due to not being used as much as the other 3 E.Hero fusions.

1. E-Hero Malcious Fiend:
Beatstick. Prisma target to dump 'E-Hero Malcious Edge'. Defensive effect. Only 1 used due to being harder to summon than 'E-Hero Dark Gaia'.

2. E-Hero Dark Gaia:
Beatstick, useful effect. 2 Used due to possible Dark Fusion into Dark Calling plays/Potential OTK's.

3. Evil-Hero Lightning Golem:
Potential +1, best Evil-Hero fusion, main target for 'Dark Fusion', free removal, decent attack score(kills most commonly played non-Synchro Monsters). 3 Used as such.

1. Cyber Twin Dragon:
Prisma target to dump Cyber Dragon if needed. Cyber Dragon + Light Hex = it.
Sets up otk's, potential 5600 damage from it alone.
Cyber Dragon + Light Hex + Sparkman + Dark Calling = 8000 damage unless Gorz is dropped in the battle phase, atempt to clear the opposing backrow first.

Note: Extra deck limit is annoying, prevents the use of Synchro's due to lack of space, can be annoying due to Brain Control/Monster Reborn.

Will need to drop Monsters for 'Elemental Hero Gaia' upon TCG rellesse, probably add back in the 3rd Miracle Fusion then. 'Earth' + 'E.Hero' is very easy to pull off in this deck(Prisma -> dump Earth Monster -> Miracle Fusion the two). Decent effect, decent stats.

Side Deck:
Working on it at the moment, test yourself and see what you like etc. Deck does not have much space for siding stuff in however. Can flip side into 'Dark Gaia beatdown' however, future article on that.

An interesting deck that is 'just' too slow for the current format. Surprise Element can win it games as shown by my Nationals performance in May.
One of the 'Hero Fusion' builds out there. Lightning Golem is a BEAST.
5! 1 for 1 fusion summons possible(Not including Future Fusion.)
A nice deck for more casual locals or for playing for fun, it is fast.

Match Ups:

Lightsworn(Non-Variants): Deck can win this match up, side decking is important though, Light Imprisoning Mirror hurts you too. Fiend Comedian is a good bet for the match-up!

Tested this match up a lot, it is about 50-50, very luck dependent match up.

Synchro Cat:
Hope September first kills the deck(*fingers crossed*), winable but it is harder than the other 2 match-ups to be honest, deck is not designed to play against such a deck(COLD WAVE!).

Gladatiro Beasts:
Winnable but skill plays a huge part in the match-up as does bluffing. Side in those Bottomless Trap Holes! Lightning Golemn DOES wreck them if you get it out with T.Roar set though.

Skill Drain Variants:
Winnable at least.

Dark Variants:
Dark Armed Dragon is the only card in the deck that can be a problem, pray they don't draw it before you kill them BUT they run a lot of draw(D-Draw, Allure's etc.).

Plant Variants:
Black Garden builds can be annoying but who runs those nowadays?
Hime-Plants is an annoying match up as Blackrose Dragon clears your field and can be brought out by 1 card.
OTK builds? Kill them fist, take ricks, they don't run too many defensive cards.

Synchro Variants(Junk Synchro, Nitro Synchro, Tunning Ware builds etc.):
Luck plays a major factor in this matchup, side in Bottomless Trap Hole or Lightning Vortex.

Twilight(Lightsworn with more darks than usual):
Oddly enough your worst match-up, they can do too much and Necro Gardna's/T.Roars slow you down. Honest is also a bitch.

Another bad match-up. 1 for 1 Blackrose Dragons hurt this deck way too much to be honest.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the decktype and have learned from this.

Keep dueling,
Christopher Murray.

Local Report: Limerick 8/8/09

So I dragged myself out of bed at 7.00 in the morning. It was freezing so I trew on my shirt and jacket and walked downstairs to make breakfast. I ate a bowl of ceral quickly and headed out into my back garden, I checked to the shed to discover my bike was trashed from disuse. I picked up my Dad's bike and checked to see if it was allright, I trew my bag on my back and headed out for a cycle, I reached the start of the main road to Limerick and said 'fuck this'. I then cycled back home and collapsed after only about half an hour of cycling.... Disgraceful.

I turned on the tv and caught the second half of a movie I had only watched the start of. About 9.00 I said fuck it to Saturday morning cartoons and graped my laptop and checked the forums, after talking to a few of the people who were up at the unholy hour I realised it was 9.30 so I was late for locals. I didn't have money so I couldn't get the bus.

Around 11.00 the rest of the house wakes up, which surprised me as my Dad and little sister are usually up at 8.00 on Saturdays. My Mom comes into the room and says there heading through Limerick on there way to my Granparents house. So after running around the house to find all my stuff again, I hop in the car and get a lift into locals aswell as 20 Euro.

So I turn up at the end of round-3 and say hi to everybody. The final then starts between PJ Tierney(Cat Synchro) and Darren Kiff(Blackwings), the match is relatively boring, they win a game each and I look at the other games going on.... 
I see two more Cat Synchro decks, a kid using Blackwings!(with like everything but I see a few cards he should not be playing), Plant OTK, Six Samurai, Lightsworn, Speed Synchro and the usual stuff kids come up with, not bad for a 12 person local.
Im happy I did not play due to all the Cat Synchro decks(I hate Cat Synchro....).

I tell Niall O'C. who is finished his game to play me(I'm playing my Evil-Hero deck), after a few turns I realise he is not playing plants but a random sort of deck(Monarchs really), I 2-0 it and then start playing against his Plant OTK deck(and winning) till the prizes for the tournament are handed out.
After this I trade for a Gorz while the rest head off to Subway, I pack up my stuff and head there with the other 2 lads left in the store. PJ is in a booth on his own so I sit across from him and we start playing, he is using his common deck, I beat it 3-1 or something. PJ says I should blog about set legallity and promo's not being legall at the local but really I personally just run them anyways.... he can't really stop us as he is never there in the mornings!
PJ starts selling random cards for a euro and much humour ensues.

Niall and Packie head off and PJ fecks off to go, go on the internet.... When he should really be play testing but he brought Cat Synchro and hated it(Like I told him, it is a bloody boring deck to play) so it makes sence for him to leave.

We had back to The Gathering Limerick(our local) and have a full table to ourselves due to the lack of Warhammer players(Our tables have space for like 4 games).
I buy like 3 packs of Chaotic, Rise of the O(sp?), didn't pull a Super rare, got a Mipedian Mugic holo I trow into my Mipedian deck and fix up my M'arrillian deck as I got like 6 more cards for it(I fix it again latter that night).

I play against Darren Kiffs Blackwings and we trade games, I end up winning 4-3 after 7 games.
Then I start building Mark O'S. his unlimited Pokemon deck.....

He plays a few games with it against a bad pokemon deck, complaining to me about it while at it.
Then he plays against me but the stores closing soon so we only play 1 game, in which he goes first passes, I atempt to set up, he then fills up his bench, plays Energy Removal on my Energy, attachs Double Colourless, Imposter Professor Oak on my hand, runining it, then plays Professor Oak to refill his hand then attacks.
Two turns latter I scoop as I got nothing.
We leave the store at 5.50 then, I txted my parents but they wont be there for another hour and half so I head down town to check out HMV, get bored fast and head off to the Train Station after seeing nobody I know around.
I wait around and just as im about to catch the bus at 6.25 I meet up with my older sister Sarah and catch the bus home together like we do most Saturdays(we get it in together sometimes too).
The bus costs me €6.40! for a single journey.

So after a pretty good day of cards I arrive home.

Keep dueling,