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Card Games and there effect on my life during Secondary School.

The blog I orginally had planned for today isn't quite ready so I'm going with this.

This was orginally a post on 's forum in regard to a topic made about how people have got on in 'High School while playing Chaotic', I really needed to get this out of my head anways so I typed it up and replied. I thought it was also worth saving and working on.

The post:
Chaotic and the way its are looked upon in schools?
How many of you guys are in Highschool now? Or went into Highschool, playing Chaotic?
How were you guys treated? And I mean by everyone, the girls, the guys, etc.
I'm just now going into highschool, and just really am trying to figure a few things out. I really don't wanna be considered a freak, for playing this great game...
I don't know, I guess is what I'm asking is, "How were you treated in Highschool when they found out you played a card game?"
Any and all answers would be nice... Thanks...

My post:(Edited out some stuff, ask for an unedited version via msn.)

Well I have recently finished Secondary School(Basically Hight School in Ireland), for the 5 years I was there I played card games.

(1st Year): Duel Masters in the Libary and Beyblade in the local park(like 2 minutes away from the School). We didn't really care who saw back then, we were those kids who played some card game in the Libary some of us even played Basket Ball and other sports.
I was the only person who got made fun of but I have always been so whatever. Anybody who knew me from the previous school knew I was odd, a freak and played games. I started going to Tournaments for the Duel Masters at some point in 2005.

(2nd Year): Duel Masters again, I won Nationals and went to the UK for the UK Nationals. People started to notice how serious I was about it etc. Some started to see it as a good thing. 8 or so of us were now playing in the Libary and even had tournaments in the School or at my house. In January I also started to play Yugioh as Duel Masters was pretty much 'dead'. I'd tell anybody who asked that I played because I didn't care I was a semi-loner and didn't like 'normal' people much.

(3rd Year): Problems started in my life in general, the Duel Master crowd was gone and it was just me and my best friend playing Yugioh in the Libary from then on.
In April another guy who to this day is one of my best friends started playing and going to tournaments with me(he has quit since then but has recently shown an interest in playing again). Playing Yugioh in the Libary was a nice break from studying as that year I had the 'Junior Cert'(a set of school exams in Ireland in your 3rd year)

(4th Year): So during 4th year I started making 'normal friends'. I started to hide that I played Yugioh and would no longer play with either of my two card gaming friends in the Libary at lunch. I started going over to one of there houses after School to play latter in the year.

Meanwhile the other guy was now in 3rd year which is one of the years in Ireland with big tests so his Dad wasn't letting him go to tournaments on the weekend as much and he started drifting away from the game and me.

While this was going on I was getting a lot better at Yugioh, toping and winning regionals. During the Regional season problems started with my 'normal friends' they always gave out to my about playing yugioh and not being able to get a girl friend as such(although they were the only people who really knew that I still played at that point). After a Regional I went to in the Capital(Dublin) they told people that I played(seemed to be in good spirit but it did hurt my reputation a bit and ruined me).

Following that Monday, I had a fight with the main guy on the Saturday night over it and a few other things, 'normal people' can be quite shallow you know.
I told him not to call for me anymore and thats what happened.
This was the start of April, I turned into a loner sort of person again and kept to myself, niether of my old card gaming friends would play in School anymore and needless to say I was really bored at lunch times.

May came and instead of going on a class trip I went to Dublin for the Irish Yugioh Nationals, I did really well but the last 3 days of school I had were days of tests as the last two days would be the trip I was not going on.
I did pretty well in the tests for somebody who had not studied or slept that weekend.

Then I entered the most boring Summer of my life, it was basically;
Work: Full Time Monday to Thursday + half day Friday.
Then into Town on Friday to shop.
Then into Town on Saturday for Yugioh.
Then sleep on Sunday.

Moral of the year? Normal people suck but they give you something to do outside of Card Games.

(5th Year): So first three months of the year: Im getting even better at Yugioh. The lads seem to have gotten over 'the argument in Mac Donalds in April in which I called 'x' a 'nacker' and other things.
Im studying for my final tests early, my grades are going up, Im doing great in tests etc.

December: BOOM! Stopped Studying blamed it on the fact that I don't like the Christmas season.
January: Starts with 'The Yugioh Irish Open' I do really badly in it and felt horrible after it. 
Went back to School screwed things up some more.
Made some new friends who I had a good enough time with for the rest of the year.
Parents stopped giving me money to play Card Games, I had to sell cards just to get the money to make it to tournaments.
Febuary: 1 week of tests, 2 weeks holiday, 1 week of tests. No time for card games.
March: ...... Last week of March, played my only Yugioh Regional that year came 6th and got my Chaotic TCG starter that day :P(Yes there is Chaotic in this story).
I pulled a Mipedian Rare and for some reason that made me want to play Mipedian's in Chaotic.

April: Life was going good, I go to the Yugioh Nationals and due to no playtesting I go from 3-0 to 3-3..... When I just needed to win my 4th or 5th game to top-8 :(.
My parents started giving me money again. I applied for College!(2 months late I may add!)

May: Get sick miss loads of the last few weeks of School. Graduate.
June: Tests but card games made a good break between them(on the weekends).

Went a bit off topic with this year but whatever.

Basically, you can hide that you play card games(but you cant hide it from you best friends) and be somewhat happy.

Quit card games and miss them somewhat.

Tell everybody you play card games and be labled a loser or a freak or a nerd or a 'geek' for most of your High School years.

In latter grades people care less and will make fun of you less for playing as far as I can tell. Its only when there immature that they make fun of you a lot.

Im not sure if thats much help because really you have to make your own choice regarding Card Games + High School/Secondary.

Good luck and dont make the same mistakes I did.

^Thats for all of you in a similar situation to what I was in.

Christopher Murray.


  1. Imagine this: Your mom would start pestering around 'no one wants to duel with me, I need to practise for the next locals.... - mooooan!' :D

    Stick to what you enjoy - I'll propably pop up at the Irish Open :)

    Britta, the mom

  2. hhaha, thanks for reading Britta. Ya thats what I did. It is over now so it dosen't matter anymore.

    @Rauzes: Ya I rant, that is how I am, thanks for the comment anyways.