Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deck Article: Junk Casters(A short article for once :P)

Junk Casters.
Deck [40]
Monsters [22]
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness [1]
Cyber Dragon [1]
The Tricky [2]

Breaker the Magical Warrior [2]
Apprentice Magician [3]
Old Vindictive Magician [2]
Night End Sorcerer [2]
Junk Sychron [3]
Mystic Tomato [2]
Quillbolt Hedgehog [3]
Treeborn Frog [1]

Spells [12]
Instant Fusion [2]
Pot of Avarice [2]
Reinforcement of the Army [1]
Scapegoat [1]
Brain Control [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]
Giant Trunade [1]
Lightning Vortex [1]
Foolish Burial [1]

Traps [6]
Raigeki Break [3]
Torrential Tribute [1]
Call of the Haunted [1]
Wicked Rebirth [1]

Extra Deck [15]
Red Dragon Archfiend [1]
Collosal Fighter [1]
Thought Ruler Archfiend [1]
Stardust Dragon [2]
Blackrose Dragon [1]
Arcanite Magician [1]
Goyo Gaudian [1]
Gaia Knight [1]
Chain Dragon [1] (- Gaia + Chain Dragon for Debris build)
Magical Android [1]
Junk Warrior [2]
Muscian King [2] 
^(Instant Fusion Target + Spellcaster for Arcanite + Unlike Ojama Knight can force Bottomless)

Side Deck [15]
Was nothing important just stuff I wanted to try out.

So I brought this deck to locals after making it at 12.00 the night before. It orginally was ment to be running 3 Debris Dragon over the two Mystic Tomato's and the Treborn Frog. The guy who was lending me the Debris Dragon's was late so I could not run them.
Even now I am still debating Debris(Yes this was ment to be Junk and Debris), however with Blackrose Dragon at 1 and no Brionic in the TCG it isn't as good as it is in the OCG.
But I orginally just but in the 3 Bolt Hedgehog to support Debris Dragon.
Debris could bring back Apprentice Magician, Old Vindictive Magician and Treeborn Frog.
That is 6 Targets but no 3 Star Monster(Peten the Dark Clown was the one I was debating running but with Blackrose at 1....).

 4(Debris)+1(Treeborn Frog) = 5 = No Synchro target, however 
with Bolt Hedgehog: 4+1+2=7= Blackrose Dragon
4 + 2(Apprentice/OVM) = 6 = Chain Dragon
Chain is not the best Target but it is a 1 for 1 2500 beatstick.
4 + 2 + 1(Treeborn Frog) = 7 = Blackrose.
Easy enough to do but the best one is:
4 + 2 + 2(Bolt Hedgehog) = 8 = Stardust Dragon/Red Daemons Dragon

So yes there is some use for Debris Dragon.

The deck is pretty much self explanatory really. Comment if you don't undertstand something and I'll explain it as best as I can.

Fixs: + Cold Wave(from sidedeck to main deck) 
-1 Lightning Vortex(I found all the discard costs to be a bit annoying tbh)
-1 Wicked Rebirth
+ 1 Pot of Avarice (It is simply amazing in here)
+ 1 Smashing Ground(to 41 cards).
Debris Build:
- 2 Mystic Tomato
+ 3 Debris Dragon
- 1 Break the Magical Warrior

I would have Allure of Darkness(least without it the deck stays true to it being a very cheap deck) in here but I don't have a pair and was unable to get a lend of them for the day. The same goes for Plaguespreader Zombie.

A fun deck in the TCG but for this version of the deck that is really it. I found it too be very enjoyable so yes I personally like it a lot.


Anti-Meta is a pain for the deck to deal with, even though it can keep up with it.

Blackwings outspeed this even with Gale at one. If you get high attack Junk Warriors out fast you might be able to win. The idea is to try and beat Blackwings as fast as possible because as the game goes on you will be in a worsing situation.

Monarch builds seem to be annoying too due to Raiza and Caius, however side decking 3 Pulling the Rug can help stop this.

Lightsworn seems to be a near auto loss.

Glad Beasts is something I am unsure of, I would need to test the matchup to be honest.

For More Information on Junk and Debris check out this blog:

Keep dueling.


  1. Awesome Article : )
    Would love to see the progress of this Deck .

  2. will keep ya updated on it then. The fixs I have pointed out are how it currently looks.

  3. Ancient Fairy Dragon would add up a good target for level 7 since BRD is already limited. Poison Draw Frog or Tuningware make good targets for Junk & Debris giving you synchro monsters and a draw. Dandylion is also one of the best targets for BRD, provided you have access to him in the TCG.

    Good to see another side of J&D with the TCG touch.

  4. Poison Draw Frog misses timing.