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Introduction + Personal TCG History

Hello my name is Christopher Murray aka. darkmagick14.

This is going to be my TCG blog were I post TCG related articles, decks, tournament reports etc.
I will be using my youtube page :
with this page, I will be posting video duels and decks on youtube aswell as linking to them here etc.

I currently play Yugioh, Chaotic and Duel Masters and as such my articles will mainly be in relation to those 3 games.
I play Yugioh Offline, Chaotic Online and Casually Offline and I mainly play Duel Masters Online but I do play games IRL about once a week.

In relation to Duel Masters if you have any interest in the game join this site: it is run by Tom Rogers who back in the day was the No. 1 ranked Duel Master player in the world. He is well known online and write articles for his site and runs tournaments on it too. It is well worth joining if you play the game at all or even just have an interest in it.

I have been playing Card Games for almost 5 years at this point. I started off with playing Duel Master locals in The Gathering Limerick located in Limerick City way back in 2005. I won all the locals I managed to enter there. On October 30th 2005 I attended the Duel Masters Irish National Championship in Belfast and won it without losing a single game with a Dark Water Fire Control deck. After this I attended the UK Duel Masters National Championship at the Think Tank in Birmingham, I didn't do so well and finished 2 wins 4 losses, 33rd place out of the 43 at the start. After this Duel Masters started to die out in the UK and as such there was no more tournaments for me to look forward to.

In January 2006 I took up playing Yugioh at a local level, starting with a Warrior Toolbox deck and then Chaos Return and Bazzo Return. During the Summer of that year I started experimenting with the Elemental Hero(I will use the suffix E.Hero from now on) decktype. I used a version of E.Hero Chaos Return to win my first ever local with all the locals good players present(I had won one with Bazzo Return the weekend of Nationals that year). 

In the September 2006 format, I didn't really do too well and went 3-3 at my only Pharoph Tour Qualfier in Cork. In December PJ Tierney started playing and would go onto become Limericks top Yugioh player due to most of our good players from back then 'retiring' or 'quitting' the game. 

March 2007 format: Regional '07 format: We roped all the older Limerick Yugioh Players(and myself) into attending the Galway Regional on the 10th. Links to PJ's report over on :

Following this we went to the Galway Regional on the 31st, which PJ did not attend, there were 8 rounds: My Report on the Event:  

Next up was our own local Limerick Regional the week before Nationals.
I top-8ed and to be honest thats all I'll say about it, it was a rather controversial event, THAT really needn't have been if a certain Limerick player had just checked to see if he could go to Nationals in the first place it wouldn't have ended up starting all my personal hate for events run in The Gathering Limerick, I love the place and what not but I won't ever forget that day or how I was wronged and how I was wronged for almost a year after it. Simply put never trust Teenagers to run any events, have a bloody T.O. present. I should have won this event end of story, I have congratulated PJ on the win several times however, if I didn't get it he deserved it.

Nationals 2007: So the Major event of the year?
I ran this: 
I scrubbed.
I played a really bad list of a non-meta deck and got bad pairings.
It was an eye opener.
58th/106 3-4.
Decklist(I think):
Limerick players quit the game, Dean Martain and Danial Park.
Next Jacky Wong.
Then Kevin Murphy.

Summer 2007:
Me and PJ pretty much traded local wins. The only time we played seriously was the Monthly Galway locals. I started to play and win with Big City in the T-Hero and Card Trooper x3 format. It was a good 3 months.

September 1st 2007 Format: Got a life, started playing slightly less. Locals were no longer much 'fun' for me, didn't like this format, don't remember much about it BUT this:
Got sharked out of my Pharoph Tour Final spot and I won't forget that ever.

March 1st 2008 Format:
Regional Season BUT NO Galway Regionals that year. 
First off we had a Limerick Regional, I top-8ed.
The next day a Cork Regional, I won it with a E.Hero Fusion based build that sided into a Big City like deck. 
Next another Cork Regional, I top-8ed and lost to DaD Return.
Next a Dublin Regional, I went 3-3 and scrubbed as usual. Less known report here:

Next a Limerick Regional, I top-8ed and came 2nd losing to DaD Return run by PJ in the final
due to CCV turn-1 game 2 and CCV turn-2 game 3. Report Here:

Nationals 2008: I ran a No City deck. I decided not to side deck Light Imprisoning Mirror at the last second as I did not expect to get paired against Lightsworn as there was only about 3 at the tournament. Boy was I wrong! Round-2 Versus Lightsworn(Tim Chen, top-4ed) 0-2 to him.
Round-5 Versus Lightsworn.... 0-2 to him. I also lost round 4 to DaD Return(Mark Kenny, top-8ed.
Round 1 I beat Apprentice Monarchs(Mark Boland Top-8ed), I beat anti-meta(RFG stuff like Banisher in it) in Round 6 and my round 3 oppenent was running Earth Beatdown(with Green Baboon) and finished 4-2.
23rd place, highest resistence of the 3-3 players(+17!(I can check as I have the final standings in my room still :P)).

Summer 2008: Qualfied for The European Championship via rankings, could not go as I was allready going on holidays that weekend... Limerick locals pretty much were the only things I played in all Summer, I played a single Dublin local aswell one weekend finishing 5th out of 26 players.

September 1st 2008 Format:
Started playing only 3 times a month again, was winning a few locals.
In November I won our Fortune Tour Challenge and one of our Fortune Tour Cups.

January 4th 2009: Yugioh Irish Open: Ran Gemini Plant otk, finished 3-4, one win being a bye, scrubbed!

January 18th 2009: Yugioh Irish Fortune Tour Final: Finished 3-3 with Evil Heroes.
Beat: 2 Lightswonr, 1 Zombie Synchro(Triple Plague Spreader etc.)
Lost to: 2 Tele-DaD, 1 Dark Anti-Meta(I drew bad top decks.)

March 1st 2009 Format: Played only one Regional this year in Cork on the 29th of March.
Top-8ed with Evil-Heroes.
Played a single local before Nationals.

Irish Nationals 2009: Started off 3-0 beating Lightsworn, Hopeless Dragon and Glads.
Round 4: Lost to Stephen Lynam running Lightsworn/Twilight 0-2
Round 5: Lost to Perfect Circle Monarchs(?) 1-2 losing Purely to Dark Armed Dragon games 2+3.
Cost me the top-8.
Round 6: Lost to Blackwings(Pre-Raging Battle!) 0-2, played really badly this game.
Cost me my Europeans invite :(.

And that is my Player History as of Today.

Christopher Murray.

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