Monday, August 10, 2009

Local Report: Limerick 8/8/09

So I dragged myself out of bed at 7.00 in the morning. It was freezing so I trew on my shirt and jacket and walked downstairs to make breakfast. I ate a bowl of ceral quickly and headed out into my back garden, I checked to the shed to discover my bike was trashed from disuse. I picked up my Dad's bike and checked to see if it was allright, I trew my bag on my back and headed out for a cycle, I reached the start of the main road to Limerick and said 'fuck this'. I then cycled back home and collapsed after only about half an hour of cycling.... Disgraceful.

I turned on the tv and caught the second half of a movie I had only watched the start of. About 9.00 I said fuck it to Saturday morning cartoons and graped my laptop and checked the forums, after talking to a few of the people who were up at the unholy hour I realised it was 9.30 so I was late for locals. I didn't have money so I couldn't get the bus.

Around 11.00 the rest of the house wakes up, which surprised me as my Dad and little sister are usually up at 8.00 on Saturdays. My Mom comes into the room and says there heading through Limerick on there way to my Granparents house. So after running around the house to find all my stuff again, I hop in the car and get a lift into locals aswell as 20 Euro.

So I turn up at the end of round-3 and say hi to everybody. The final then starts between PJ Tierney(Cat Synchro) and Darren Kiff(Blackwings), the match is relatively boring, they win a game each and I look at the other games going on.... 
I see two more Cat Synchro decks, a kid using Blackwings!(with like everything but I see a few cards he should not be playing), Plant OTK, Six Samurai, Lightsworn, Speed Synchro and the usual stuff kids come up with, not bad for a 12 person local.
Im happy I did not play due to all the Cat Synchro decks(I hate Cat Synchro....).

I tell Niall O'C. who is finished his game to play me(I'm playing my Evil-Hero deck), after a few turns I realise he is not playing plants but a random sort of deck(Monarchs really), I 2-0 it and then start playing against his Plant OTK deck(and winning) till the prizes for the tournament are handed out.
After this I trade for a Gorz while the rest head off to Subway, I pack up my stuff and head there with the other 2 lads left in the store. PJ is in a booth on his own so I sit across from him and we start playing, he is using his common deck, I beat it 3-1 or something. PJ says I should blog about set legallity and promo's not being legall at the local but really I personally just run them anyways.... he can't really stop us as he is never there in the mornings!
PJ starts selling random cards for a euro and much humour ensues.

Niall and Packie head off and PJ fecks off to go, go on the internet.... When he should really be play testing but he brought Cat Synchro and hated it(Like I told him, it is a bloody boring deck to play) so it makes sence for him to leave.

We had back to The Gathering Limerick(our local) and have a full table to ourselves due to the lack of Warhammer players(Our tables have space for like 4 games).
I buy like 3 packs of Chaotic, Rise of the O(sp?), didn't pull a Super rare, got a Mipedian Mugic holo I trow into my Mipedian deck and fix up my M'arrillian deck as I got like 6 more cards for it(I fix it again latter that night).

I play against Darren Kiffs Blackwings and we trade games, I end up winning 4-3 after 7 games.
Then I start building Mark O'S. his unlimited Pokemon deck.....

He plays a few games with it against a bad pokemon deck, complaining to me about it while at it.
Then he plays against me but the stores closing soon so we only play 1 game, in which he goes first passes, I atempt to set up, he then fills up his bench, plays Energy Removal on my Energy, attachs Double Colourless, Imposter Professor Oak on my hand, runining it, then plays Professor Oak to refill his hand then attacks.
Two turns latter I scoop as I got nothing.
We leave the store at 5.50 then, I txted my parents but they wont be there for another hour and half so I head down town to check out HMV, get bored fast and head off to the Train Station after seeing nobody I know around.
I wait around and just as im about to catch the bus at 6.25 I meet up with my older sister Sarah and catch the bus home together like we do most Saturdays(we get it in together sometimes too).
The bus costs me €6.40! for a single journey.

So after a pretty good day of cards I arrive home.

Keep dueling,

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