Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local Reports: August 22nd + August 25th

Local Report(s):
Friday 21st August:
So around 10 I figure out that I want to play locals the next day for once and after wanting to play something with Synchro's I start building a deck, next I see the Apprentice engine, spellcasters, Junk Synchron.... Then I want to play Junk and Debris, the local was going to be the new format so Debris is not really as good as it was. I make some phone calls asking for card, couldn't get Allures and Kieran Waters says he will lend me Debris Dragons. Around 1ish I finish the deck and build my two Duel Masters decks I planned to use for playing against Digpal the next day. I crash 3ish...

Saturday 22nd August:
I wake up at around 8.50 trow on my clothes, fix my hair, eat breakfast, serach for a few commons I needed for the deck and head to the bus stop. I get in around 10 past 10 and Niall almost faints when he sees how short my hair is now! He was litterally on the floor, so I did not notice him till he stood back up hahha. So Waters aint there yet so I am forced to play without the Dragons....

Check my Junk Casters blog for the decklist.

Round 1:
Versus Mark S.(Anti-Meta)
Oh great.... Opressions >_<.

Game 1:
He gives out to me for proxying Debris Dragons(which I did not draw and then just took them out...) and I randomally play Monster Reborn! Took me a few seconds to go 'oh shit....' I am so used to using it that I just put it in the deck.
I think I lost this game.

Game 2:
I summon stuff and win....

Game 3:
From turn-1 I got nothing. We are the last game still going and I stall for ages with recruiters....

1-2 Loss.


Round 2:
Versus ???(Equip Warriors?)

Game 1:
I god hand and have Stardust and Thought Ruler out on my second turn after clearing his back row with Heavy Storm.

Game 2:
Quick Stardusts again to win.

2-0 Win.

1-1 Record
3-2 in Games....

Round 3:
Versus ???(????)

I don't remember anything about this game really, I get big Synchro's out fast and see some random cards.... Raigeki Break allows me to stay in control for both games.

2-0 Win....

2-1 Record
5-2 in Games.

Round 4:
Versus Kieren Digpal(Blackwings).

Game 1:
He drops Gorz quickly and I can't kill it, drop my Gorz and he Goyo's it.

Game 2:
We get down to 1 card in hand/play + top decking. I summon a 3700 attack Junk Warrior and take the game with it over 2 turns.

Game 3:
More Gorz plays for my loss....

2-2 Record
6-4 in Games...

No idea were I came, like 16 players I think. Not too bad seeing as both games I lost were 2-1 and I didn't have Debris Dragon.

We head to 'O'Brians Underground' for the next two hours. I play Digpal in a two games of Duelmasters with both my decks and win both games 2-0 even easier than usual.
I then hand him his Birthday present which included 2 Coriles(which I told him I would never give him.) Hey I can be nice sometimes.... But I do have like 26 Coriles left(That is what 2 Boxs of Evo Crush. does.)

I update my 4 Chaotic decks with my new cards. Get my Purple deck box back off Digpal. We play some games of Pokemon TCG.

Me and Digpal have a really epic game and it comes down to us both on our last prize cards due to me forgetting to retreat Delcatty Ex(therefore allowing him to take two prize cards when he really should not have gotten them).

I then play against Mark, draw crap and lose to fightning Pokemon due to my x2 weakness and then he drops Tyraintar for game.

After this I leg it across town to catch my bus home.

Out of my 2 Chaotic ROTO packs I had gotten earlier in the day I had pulled a Takinom the Shadow Knight(with -10 +5+5+5 -5), the 60 Energy is really annoying to be honest.... I also got 3 Beyond the Doors packs, pulling a Bladez with decent states, a Danian Mugic rare and a jank Super I can't remember. Not too bad in my opinion.

Tuesday 25th August:
So I get up early and trow stuff into my bag. I had down to the School and to my horror it is closed yet again when I am ment to be picking up a form I left in to be signed last Thursday.....

So I wait around and about 2ish(like a half an hour after we were ment to leave) we head into Limerick. My Ma drops me off at the bloody otherside of town to The Gathering. So I get into O'Brians around 2.30 and hang out for a bit, I mainly help Mark S. with his deck for the Irish Open. We head back to The Gathering at 3.00 but it is closed so me and Mark head down town and run into Niall outside of HMV and then PJ turns up(again) and goes into Easons to read some magazines for free. We then go inside HMV and look around for a while. The usual laughs and all follow. Good thing I didn't mention who else was in the store..... Jokes at my exspense are allready way too common.

So Niall and Packie head off home and me and Mark head back to The Gathering.
I win the first game with Junk Casters and get a phone call during the second one telling me to be outside down the street in 5 minutes! I lost track of the life points I say Mark won, when actually...
1700 - 1300 = 400/2(Solemn Judgement) = 200 1900-1600 = 300 so I actually won the game 2-0 lol. I hand Gary(the Gatherings owner) 15 euro and grap a Underworld starter for Chaotic.

I leg it and wait for my Ma to pick me up. I get in the car and she hands me a bag with new jeans and a new shirt(hurray clothes!) Then she brings up my Grad/Debs/Prom the next week, going on about what I am wearing to it, we end up arguing for the next 10 minutes about that.

I get home and open the Starter deck, getting mostly jank rares and an Illusionary Lake. Not too bad I build my Underworld deck using it and the stuff I pulled on the weekend including my Takinom the Shadow Knight and Bladez.


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  1. Good too see you actually tried your J&D build on a tournament. I guess it fared well enough...