Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pr0 Tournament 4 is about to Begin.

 'Duel Masters' Pr0 Tournamet 4 starts soon on Gates of Fates so if you want to take part register asap! With old players like Hassan(Black) and some old Veterans from the WoTC days things are seriously heating up for what is going to be the biggest Tournament on the Pr0 Curcuit to date.

Link to site: http://www.tomrogers.proboards.com/

PT4 Thread: http://www.tomrogers.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=pt4&action=display&thread=492&page=1

Current Player Roster:
1. Tom Rogers
2. Christopher Murray
3. Damian Symonette
4. Peter Alan Timbs
5. Christian Van Hoose
6. Justin Marsh
7. Gino Honkanen
8. Benjamin Rowe
9. Spencer Swan
10. Sam Rowe
11. Michael Swartz
12. Peter Alan Timbs
13. Andy Criss
14. Hassan ????(Black)

Swiss + Cut to the Top-8

Most players this time arround appear to be from the United States but we also have The Republic of Ireland, England and The Islamic Republic of Pakistan(was that right?) competing.

Good Luck to all other players competing and I hope to have some good games against you all soon.

Let the Games Begin!
'I have no enemies , my openent is my teacher.'
Christopher Murray.

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