Friday, August 21, 2009

Rant: Yugioh: - Finaly boring me enough to not want to play at all.

Yugioh: - Finaly boring me enough to not want to play at all.

Honestly I have been playing in Tournaments for 3 and a half years now.
Been to 3 Nationals and done badly at them all simply because, I tried to play something rogue and different in an atempt to kill the forementioned boredom. 

Lightsworn has been around for more than a year now and it shows no sign of disapearing due to it becoming constantly better due to new cards and new formats. Konami seems very unlikely to ever hurt the decktype again. Why? Because they like 'themed' decks winning(yet they limited Gale to 1 in this list). Simply put other than Glads no other deck in Yugioh since I started playing seriously has lasted this long and Glads has somewhat constantly been changing and hit by the list, not simply gaining power with each list like Lightsworn has been.

Is this a Sour Grapes blog? No. Is it because I can't personally afford to play Lightsworn? No. Because I can't beat Lightsworn? No, I can have have throughout each of these last 3 formats, sure the deck might have cost me the top-8 at the 2008 Irish Nationals but I blame that more so on being unprepared for it than anything. At the 2009 Nationals, I beat one and then drew badly versus a more Twilight like build used by a more skilled player(Stephen Lynam who went on to top-8 with a 5-1 record). That game, did I lose to Lightsworn? No, I lost to a better player, drawing dead(therefore my own deck) and to Dark Armed Dragon(as usual)(DaD took out my Light Imprisoning Mirror both games). It is simply because the decktype is boring. It is boring to play against, to watch being played, to watch the same thing over and over again for more than 14 months.

My own decktype, Elemental Heroes hardly changes, it no longer gives me that great excitement it used to. The builds themselves are generally boring and I usually change to something else after 2 or 3 weeks. To win with the decktype you have to make it more like the other boring decks in the format or to run a more anti-meta build. I am growing bored of doing so. I built my Evil-Hero list orginally as a build to use when I was bored but it became too much of my main deck and now I am bored of it too.

Some may argue that Yugioh has become more skilled, it really hasn't, skill has become less important format after format. Luck and money win nowadays.

I don't really know, I supose the same old thing is boring me nowadays. 
I have stopped playing Duel Masters online even close to as much as I used to. I orginally thought this was due to it being so hard to get a good game versus a good player going. Nah, it is boredom. Dark-Water-Fire versus Dark-Water-Fire, a very boring matchup in my opinion or something Aggro Versus Dark-Water-Fire in which the DWF is horribly trashed and shows nothing about the players skill and does not give any excitement to me. Losing to luck also hurts me so much more in Duel Masters because I base so much of my play style on maths and numbers.

Chaotic is something new and exciting to me but I now start to wonder just how long will my interest last? I learned while over on 's forum that there is planning be done for 'Perim Tour' events in Europe before the end of 2009, this I find very exciting as it gives me a chance to travel and meet some players offline, it also offers the chance of further travel as such events allow players to qualify for the planned World Championship in 2010. In this regard taking a break from other card games helps me out. I need cash to get my Chaotic Collection up to a good standard and to travel to which ever Perim Tour event I end up planning to go to.

I also think the extra time and less distractions will help me improve my School work and as such my grades, my Leaving Cert results were no where near as good enough as I wanted them to be last week so I am now back repeating my final year of Secondary School so I plan to make some serious effort this year, as last year I made none at all.

I'll still probably blog on Yugioh I just wanted you all to know why I won't be doing so as much as I orginally planned to. The sames goes for Duel Masters, but unlike Yugioh I was not planning to do so much of that due to it being a more complicated game to write about.

Keep dueling.
Christopher Murray/darkmagick14.

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  1. Hey dude :) And you weren't kidding, you do rant xD Still, it's better than most half-@$$ed articles that can sometimes pop up. The only thing that stopped me from reading them all in full detail is my almost non existant understanding of the Yu-Gi-Oh game. I played it for a month or so in sixth class, that's it xD Duelmasters quickly became more popular to me. But since Duelmasters has been dropped it lost all appeal to me too. So I had a fair gap in card games for a while. In January of this year (yes just this year!) the chaotic tv show started showing in Ireland.. it caught my eye, so, ignroing the lame T.V show I checked out the TCG and it caught my interest right away, re-igniting my love for card games. Sure it didn't help my social position, but that was a lost cause anyway. Still, with Chaotic, it was a new story. Duelmasters I had to play with my dad or brother and that was quite limitted. Chaotic is whenever you feel like it, and I'm not restricted by living in Ireland (not good for DM tournaments)

    But my point is, chaotic has some things like lightsworn too. Certain decks that end up being typically more powerful than others, but there is always a chance to fight back. For example, I favour danians. There is this freakishly powerful attack, dunno if you've seen it, supercooled rain. Almost unstoppable, but danians have a mugic to stop it completely - adaptive progression. It ends up being balanced for every tribe, and thus every deck type.
    Another advantage, spending money on cards to improve your collection and make it competitive is far easier. Typically, in a TCG, each pack gives you at most about four or five cards that help you, maybe only one or two, and the majority being cards you don't have much use for. Well once you upload them, just trade around online so you are left with just cards that you need.

    Anyway, I'm ranting a bit myself now.. Just why I like chaotic, and why hopefully it won't lose it's appeal to you ^^