Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reports: 14th + 15th August: Meet Up + Locals

Shannon/Clare: 14th August 2009

So I don't sleep Thursday night and head up to bed around 7.00 for a quick nap before I meet up with the lads, I jolt awake around 11.20(after my alarm) and quickly get dressed and try to do something with my hair(It was too late to shower now >_<).
I texted Wessel the night before so I text him to say I am heading to the shopping mall/center and after phoning the lads(who were still on there bus in) I find the usual bench I sit down on and collapse. Like 5 minutes latter Wessel walks in the enterance nearest to where I am and sits down next to me we start chatting and like 20 minutes latter Darren and Niall turn up(they got off at the wrong stop...).

So we head up stairs and get some food(Curry chips for me of course :P). After eating we pull out the cards eventhough the food court is pretty much packed at this point. I start playing versus Nialls Blackwings(with 3 Gale and Dark Strike Fighter still) with my Blackwings(1 Gale no Dark Strike Fighter, new list, some 'other' Dark stuff) after a few games I see just how much slower Blackwings play now.
After this I play against Wessel for a bit and I beat both his Crystal Beasts and Blue Eyes deck's.
Yet again I don't play Niall at all during the meet up.

After this we head to Dunnes Stores and check the drink prices there and then decide to check the off lisence aswell. With our haul we head back to my house and after a while Marco and Dempsey turn up. Marco had not played in like a year and looked through my tin and decided to use my Yugi deck(set to the Orichalcos saga theme to his dismay, it had Feral Imp and Curse of Dragon in it :P). I was playing against Wessel at Duel Masters my Mono Fire lost to his Nature-Light 2-1 and my Dark-Water-Fire Control beat it 2-1(so we tied for once).

After this I don't remember doing anything else other than changing the song playing on my computer lol.

Around 5.30ish we head to the bus stop and after 15 minutes figure out that Niall had read the time table wrong(I picked up timetables in the offlisence while we were there). So we end up legging it across town to make the bus on the other route! After some jokes at my exspence the lads get there bus into Limerick and I walk with Wessel to about halfway to his house then head home.

Limerick: 15th August 2009
So after staying up late talking to people on msn, watching old episodes of Bleach and cutting my hair even more(it is now a lot shorter than I am used to personally...) I wake up at 11.00.
I tell my parents Im going to Limerick and catch the bus in.

I talk to Gary the store owner about how I did in my Leaving Cert(Irelands pre-college exams, I got 340 out of 600 points and missed out on my courses by about 60 points in the end....)
PJ tells us that he was off by 70 points and got his in the end, so he told me not to worry(*fastforward to Monday, I got no offers, I then went to my old School and filled out the forms for repeating my final year.*)

I buy 5 Chaotic packs off Gary and proceed to open them, finaly getting a Rabsa(sp?) Darini but still not getting the Ultra Rare out of the box, I buy 2 more packs and get another Super Rare(I got like 9 now...). At this point there is 6 packs left in the box, 1 of which must have the Ultra as I am the only person to have bought packs from the box, I don't have a lot of cash so I pass buying more.

The tournament finishs up with 3 Lightsworn players having 3 wins and 1 losses. PJ is called out as second and Mark S. takes 1st and Cian is called out as 3rd place. After a bit more barter in the shop we head to subway and me and PJ due to not getting food, pull out decks and start playing.
I was using my Evil Hero deck(my main decks always what I use on the weekend, my fun decks are what I usually use during the week) and he was using new format 'Chaos Control' basically anti-meta with Doom Calibur Knights and Chaos Sorcerer, triple D.D. Warrior Lady etc.
I am not sure but I think I lost 3-1 or 3-2(maybe 4-1....). After this PJ heads off and I head back to The Gathering for some.... well Im not too sure what I did for the next while....

I play Mark S. in a game of Pokemon anyways and get revenge for the previous week winning the game in style with a Mightyena EX while setting up a Mightyena(Power Keepers).

Darren K. texts me saying that a toystore down the road near his work has 'Silent Sands' packs in for Chaotic('SS' being the 3rd set) so I tell Mark(who is the only one left other than me at this point) that I am heading down there. After telling him that they usually have in some decent Pokemon stuff we head down there. A funny trip to Pizza Hut(or was it KFC?) follows when we arrive in the retail park, we then head into Dunnes Stores so Mark can get money out of his bank account. I spot Darren K. while this is going on and as we are leaving the store we spot him after a quick chat me and Mark head to the toy store.

For Chaotic they had packs of 'Silent Sands' and 'Zenith of the Hive'(the second set), being happy with what I have for the 2nd set, I pick up 3 Silent Sands packs and to my dismay don't pull a super. Mark picks up a 'Plantium Pack' and after looking through his packs we head back into Town.
While on the way there we continue to discuss Pokemon due to Gary hinting at us getting a 'Big Tournament' earlier in the day which our reply was 'Does this mean we have to play limited(modified) and use legall cards?'

Mark mentions that he has a spare 'Arcanite Magician' and mentions that he still owes me for a Pokemon holo so we work out a deal for that and stop in The Gathering to conduct it. Mark leaves and I wait around a bit, then tell Gary I am heading off and leg it down town to catch my bus(litterally if it wasn't for the traffic lights stopping it I would have missed it.....)

Not very interesting I know but it is all I got for now.

Keep dueling.

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