Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chaotic TCG: Dm14's offline deck 1/4: Underworld

Sets 1-5
I dont have stuff from latter sets nor do I have the ability to get them fast or the 
need to do so when I am still missing key staples from earlier sets.



1.Brimflame (70,80,45,50,55),Viledriver (*Need 60/65 ERG)
2.Takinom, the Shadowknight (40,95,45,75,60),Skeletal Steed
3.Bladez (75,85,40,30,65),Aspect Amplifier: Might(Will replace with Husk Armour a.s.a.p.)
4.Ragetrod (55,70,40,60,60),Kha'rall Chime Shard/(Shard of Chance *Online only*)
5.Chaor (95,80,80,60,75),Elixir of Tenacity/(Kha'rall Shard of Chance/Evergreen Tunic *Online only*)
6.Xield (90,45,45,10,20), Elementalist Pauldrons

*Don't have Whepcrack, Husk Armour, D-Zooka yet.*
*Debating - Chaors gear + Mugicians Lyre or M.P/ Flute(when I get it)*
*Liking Xield in some matchups and as a distraction. 
Debating replacing with Oolo + Vilde Driver/Might*

Improvisational Melody [1]
Cannon of Casualty [1] (2nd Incoming)
Ember Flourish [1] (Replace with second Cannon)
Song of Asperity [2]
Disccord of Disarming [1] (2nd Incoming, possibly over IM)

Cordac Falls Plungepool [2]
The Pits [2]
Storm Tunnel [2]
Eye of the Maelstrom [2]
The Barracks [1]
Sands of the Unseen [1] (Need 2nd...)

*Dont have Magma Pond(Id debate running it anyways), UW Coll.(also debating unless I get
2 Brimflames with 50+ speed), Undworld City(Debating...)*

Attacks: (1x20=20points)
Mightswing [2]
Inferno Gust [2]
Confusion [2]
Ash Torrent [2]
Outwit [2]
Hammer Dash [2]
Lightning Burst [2]
Marksman's Preparation [2]
Dry Liquid [2]
Gear Grind [1]
Squeeze Play [1]

*Lets see.... I shouldnt even get started on this. - SP + Gear Grind obviously, 
- Jank attack x2(Confusion say?) + Blaze Barrage x2(If I could ever get them which I doubt I will lol... 
But I do need another excuse to buy Silent Sands packs...).
- Jank Attack x6(Lightning Burst, Hammer Dash, Out Wit) + 2 of the 3 build point 10,F10,W10
(the name escapes me currently), + 4 0BP standard Power attacks.*

Least I know what I need to change lol and atempt to get....

Well this appears to be my current deck anyways. I posted it here so the people that I want to see it see it and because I have not blogged much lately, due to school, exam results, Grad/Prom, being sick etc.

Keep Dueling,


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