Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chaotic TCG: Dm14's offline deck 2/4: M'arrillian Wisdomorpher


1. Irub'Ra, Magma Shard
2. Vitar'Zu, Chime Shard
3. Irub'Ra, Freshwater Shard
4. Erak'Tabb, Baton of Aa'Une
5. Mock'Adyn, Supercharged Alterant
6. Mock'Adyn, Mind Prism

Requiem of Lost Minds [1]
Denial Refrain of the Deep[2]
Melody of Mirrored Actions [1]
Casters' Warsong [2]

Mount Pillar Reservoir [2]
The Overworld Library [2]
Vidav's Refectorium [2]
Chamber of Waves [2]
Riverlands [2]

Attacks:(20 Point)
O Cost:6
Quick Exit [2]
Delerium [2]
Tidal Surge [2]
1 Cost:10
Kha'rall Crush [2]
Piercing Brilliance [1]
Rage of Aa'Une
Rip Tide [2]
Invader's Tactics [2]
Unsanity [2]
2 Cost:3
Caustic Cascade [2]
Mind Strike [1]
4 Cost:1
Tainted Thunderstorm [1]

More to work on in this build, the locations arnt great tbh.
I'd run a speed based version but my good locations for such a deck are in my Mipe deck 
which ill post before building the otther version of this.


P.S. too lazy to write stats this should be straightforward enough anyways.

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