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Duelmasters Deck Article: Red-Green Bitch(NO GONTA.dek)

(Also known as 'Red-Green Bitch!')
Format: WoTC Sets 1-12, Bombazar Banned.

In real life deck.

The list I am about to show you is one I use offline and have done so at various times
over the years. Focusing on late game creatures rather than early game ones, prefearing
to use mana acceleration during the early game therefore allowing me to play the late game
creatures earlier in the game therefore putting pressure on my openent. An old tactic but
a good one. Unlike Fire-Nature Aggro lists I use predominatly online this deck has no
serious form of aggression during the early game, no Gonta, no Swine Snout.

The deck uses no Multi-Civ creatures but to be honest, Gonta is the only such card that
could work in here. Gonta is left out mainly due to me not having it offline but there is
still reasons for it not being included, during testing etc. multi-civ cards always seem
to annoy me when I am trying to keep up a constant flow of creatures or trying to get
my mana but to a certain number. They also conflict with both Faerie Life and Bronze Arm Tribe.
Beatsticks such as Gonta that are just that 'beatstick' really would not do much for this deck.

The cards generally have to have two-fold uses. Bolly as a shield killer/beatstick, Twin-Cannon 
as a speed attacking beatstick(that based on the general idea of the deck is perfect),
Bolzard beatstick/man burner, Bolshack beatstick/theme/token card. 

Kooc Pollon is almost as difficult as Gonta to kill but is not a multi-civ card and that 
is why Pollon is better than Gonta in here. Sniper tactics are a secondary form of attacking 
with this deck but they can still win games.

This was the 'other' deck I was considering to run in 'The Pr0 Tournament 4' but after testing
I chose my other deck as it easily could beat this and the other decks that are played
at my locals in real life, I then did some online testing and it seemed to fair well
in the control match up so it was the obvious choose in the end. This is fun and all but
it ain't all that amazing versus good control decks and high level players such as I 
would be faceing in Pr0 Tournament 4.

Deck Total:40
Creature Total: 25(62.5%)
Spell Total: 15(37.5%)
Shield Triggers: 13(32.5%)
Average(Mana Curve): 4.225
Key Cost: 3 mana = 12 Cards(30%)

Speed Attacks: 7(17.5%)
Double Breakers: 6(15%)
Mana Acceleration: 13(32.5%)
Card Serach: 4(10%)
Creature Destruction: 8(20%)
Mana Destuction: 3(7.5%)
Shield Gain: 2(5%)
Shield Burn: 2(5%)
(Kooc Pollon)'can't be attacked': 2(5%)

Kooc Pollon [2]
Pyrofighter Magnus [4]
Bolzard Dragon [3]
Bolshack Dragon [1]
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon [2]
Twin-Cannon Skyterror [3]

Volcano Charger [2]
Tornado Flame [2]
Burst Shot [3]

Poisonous Mushroom [2]
Bronze-Arm Tribe [4]
Mighty Shouter [2]
Rumbling Terahorn [2]

Faerie Life [3]
Dimension Gate [2]
Mana Nexus [2]
Natural Snare [1]

As you can see from the decklist 9 of your creatures are 6 or 7 mana, those are your key
creatures the deck is built around. The idea is to use mana-acceleration to play those
creatures as soon as possible.

BUT this does not mean you can't try and take control of the game by using Bolzard Dragon
to constantly be ahead of them on mana or by using Burst Shot, Volcano Charger, Tornado Flame
and the single Natural Snare to take out there creatures to stop them counter attacking.

Also as is my style this deck can also be very effective at 'swift attacks', using your
mana to summon 2-3 creatures out of nowhere, summoning Rumbling Terahorn and 
seraching(and then playing) Pyrofighter Magnus, dropping one Twin-Cannon Skyterror on one
turn and dropping a second on the next, dropping a Bolly and following it up on the
next move with a speed attacker(or 2). Moves like this if played correctly can really
change the tide of a duel into your favour.
with a speed attacker,

Two Mana Nexus can allow you to regain shields when you need to without clogging the deck
with dead draws like you would be if you were running 4(a mistake players commonly make,
it is good at 4 in some deck but not in most, especially if your only running 40 cards).

Of course the deck suffers from the normal flaw such decks suffer from, running on empthy
very quickly. Cards like Corile can really wreck such a deck(unless of course you have 
Twin-Cannon or Rumbling Terahorn out), so you have to be careful what you play versus
anything with Water/Corile in it as cards like Bolzard or Bolmeteus become just big targets
in most situations. 

Another flaw is the problem with drawing the early game cards late game when you really
don't want to draw them, Faerie Life, Mushroom, Bronze Arm Tribe, Mighty Shouter etc.

Burst Shot is your main defense versus swarms so you got to be careful with how you play
it. It is the main target for Nexus in most situations also. It is the main reason I
run so few creatures with 2000 or 1000 power. However you can use it to turn a Mighty 
Shouter that is doing nothing into extra mana. If it is triggered early game this can be
very handy as it'll help set up your big guns.

I don't think there is anything left to addresse without going into every single card in
detail which I think nobody needs me to do. Post questions in the comments or pm me them
on Gates Of Fates.

Keep dueling,

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