Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random(Yugioh):Honest in No City

If you can afford 2-3 Honest, you run it in your No City deck.

It is soooo good this format. How best to counter Honest with Elemental Heroes? Honest! Kalut? HONEST!

Honest is also fun with Shinning Flare Wingman. It is also the only reason to ever run 3 Prisma. Another reason for why 3 Sparkman is a must in the decktype. 

Great versus Glads too, they attack with (insert G.beast with more attack than Sparkman/Prisma here), you can counter with Honest. They totally dont expect it.

You could even start tecing Elemental Hero Neos/and maybe Rainbow (Dark) Dragon for Rainbow Neos, another powerful Light monster.

I wish I could afford 2 or 3..... even just 1 would be nice.

Keep dueling,

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