Sunday, October 4, 2009

Report: Galway Local 3rd of October 2009


Deck [41]

Monsters [18]
The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion [3]
Elemental Hero Sparkman [3]
Elemental Hero Clayman [3]
Elemental Hero Prisma [2]
Elemental Hero Stratos [1]
Evil Hero Malcious Edge [1]
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness [1]
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole [1]
Morphing Jar [1]
Card Trooper [1]
Cyber Dragon [1]

Spells [15]
Dark Fusion [3]
Dark Calling [3]
Miracle Fusion [2]
E-Emergency Call [2]
Reinforcements of the Army [1]
Future Fusion [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Giant Trunade [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]

Traps [8]
Reckless Greed [3]
Bottomless Trap Hole [2]
Torrential Tribute [1]
Mirror Force [1]
Call of the Haunted [1]

Extra Deck [15]
Evil Hero Malcious Fiend [2]
Evil Hero Dark Gaia [2]
Evil Hero Lightning Golem [2]
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant [2]
Elemental Hero Shinning Flare Wingman [2]
Elemental Hero Plasma Vice [1]
Elemental Hero Darkbright [1]
Elemental Hero Magma Neos [1]
Evil Hero Infernal Sniper [1]
Cyber Twin Dragon [1]

Side Deck [15]
Winged Kuriboh [1]
Evil Hero Malicious Edge [1]
Caius the Shadow Monarch [1]
Breaker the Magical Warrior [2]
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalos [1]

Brain Control [1]
Lightning Vortex [2]
Foolish Burial [1]
Miracle Fusion [1]
Burial from a Different Dimension [1]

Fiend Comedian [3]

Report: Manage to make it to the airport just in time to catch the bus after somehow waking up.... get to Galway about 10.40.
Takes us ages to find the place but we get there adventually.
Im feeling really sick though....

Round 1 Versus Paddy(Exodia/Yubel)
2-0 very fast.

Round 2 Versus PJ(Lightsworn)
1-2. I'm not sure but I think I misplayed as some point to lose
either game 1 or 2 but PJ made a mess of game 3.

Round 3 Versus Martain(Twilight)(Trad-Gadgets)
2-1 Trad/Gorz on every attack is VERY annoying.

Round 4 Versus James(Ares)(Glad Beasts)

won game 1 very fast.
was in control of game 2 early on but I ran out of steam and adventually lost to Herk.
Game 3 has me locking us both down with Fossil Dyna for most of the game till adventually he removed Dyna and then I proceeded to fusion summon something like 5 times in one turn to win with a field of Card Trooper, Dark Gaia(3800 atk), Shinning Flare Wingman(3100 atk).

Semi-Finals Versus Darren Kiff(Blackwings)
Game 1: He gets out Armour Master and Armed Wing and I got nothing.

Game 2: I get out Lightning Golem fast and win.

Game 3: He bring me down to 1000 and then I draw Dark Fusion and get out a Lightning Golem to kill his Armour Master and bring him down to 1600. He has nothing so I win.

Finals Versus PJ.

Game 1:
I get him down to 200 and 2 cards in deck and for some stupide reason summoned Prisma in attack mode when I had Gorz in hand and 4200 left >_<. He manages to kill me with JD and Magical Android(+Honest)....

Game 2:

I remember him getting bad mills and showing 2 Celestia in hand before scooping.

Game 3:
Don't remember much about this game really.

Videos of the final:

[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 1[/URL]
[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 2[/URL]
[URL=]Final {PJ Vs Darkmagick14} Game 3[/URL]

Get my 4 packs and pull the only non Secrets I wanted from the set Ancient Fairy Dragon and Ministal(the common blackwing guy.)
I also get some jank super and 4 jank rares.

Good day(other than me being sick....).

Keep dueling,

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